Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cool beans!

A bunch of randomness.

Check it out! We put up our new flag in time for the 4th! Lovf it!

All my sibs were in town for the Little Man's encore birthday party. My lil' sis got the weekend off from the army to be there for it... and for Father's Day... and to help celebrate mine and my parents' promotions! Went to PeiWei with her, my mom and my SIL while they were here.

He lovfs their giant spoons.

We all went to Olive Garden for Father's Day. Srsly lovf that place : ) MyLovf bought himself a new knife (from me) and a case for his cell phone (from Little Man), and I completely forgot that it was NOT his 1st Father's Day (I blame postpartum exhaustion). It's all good though, he didn't mind.

The 2nd party for Little Man was very small, but so fun. And NOT because we spent the whole thing playing Mario Kart. OMG I need to get a Wii! And I finally got a pic of Little Man with his Auntie Boo! Yay!

That's all for now : )

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ok. A TON has happened since my last update, so this is going to be a very long, very picture heavy post. And yes, I realize that the blog wouldn't get this behind if I would just update more regularly. I'm a bad blogger. Blah whatever. Anyways, here we go!

I celebrated my very first Mother's Day! My wonderful boys gave me some beautiful cards and a pair of fancy jammies. It was a pretty awesome day : )

We had some professional portraits done for Little Man's birthday. That baby is so photogenic, they turned out great!

Why yes, I DID put him in his little Lakers onsie for this very important occasion. They won the championship the day after he was born! Go Lakers!

We spent a few days in Cali to celebrate our 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY and visit friends. And those most awesome friends treated us to a day at... DISNEYLAND!! MyLovf's mama had a free pass that she gave us, but they bought us the other ticket; how sweet are they!? We had a total blast!

Meeting Pluto!

OMG the tea cups were so fun!

Little Man had so much fun he tuckered himself right out!

Little Man's first carousel ride. He started off feeling pretty awesome.

Then as it started to move, he didn't like it so much.

He did not want to have anything to do with it after a couple of turns.

He clung to my arm for the rest of the ride. Poor baby.

He also rode the new Pooh ride, Pirates of the Caribean (he fell asleep on that one!), and a few others. We also met and took pictures with Mickey, but I didn't really like how it turned out. We're such party animals that we closed the park! I was so tired when we finally fell into bed.

The next day I finally got the tattoo that I've wanted for yeeeears! Seriously. Years. I've put it off for a bunch of different reasons, but when MyLovf found his tattoo artist again after losing track of him for like a year, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get ink for the same guy that did MyLovfs' sleeves. I looove it, it turned out so good!


First "taste" of the needle.

Anyone that says getting a tattoo doesn't hurt is lying out of their lying liar hole! It hurts so bad. I actually had to re-employ my breathing techniques from labor to get through it! And other than getting Little's name later on down the line, I don't see me ever getting another one.

All finished!

The design is inspired by a favorite Black Hills Silver ring that MyLovf bought me in Sturgis 5 years ago. It's my second favorite ring besides my wedding set.

On Sunday, we drove up to Hesperia to see our friend Travis' new house! We watched the Lakers lose that game, but my boys had fun playing anyway.

We stayed the night there and headed towards home on Monday morning. Our travel plans conflicted with a visit to AZ by my lil' brudder and FSIL, but we did manage to hook up for a few minutes when we crossed paths in the middle of nowhere.

The Little Man and I went over to the grandparents' house for Memorial Day. And while we were there, he unveiled his latest skill:

Oh yes, I screamed, I was so excited! And then we took this most awesome picture. My new fave of us together.

And then... :sigh:... and then the fateful day dawned. My precious, tiny, little baby toddler turned a year old. We had our customary photo shoot in the recliner, but you can tell that he quickly grew bored of mommy and her camera.

The next day MyLovf and I got up early to get some last minute things for the party and then zoomed home to decorate!

The party was so much fun, but I think Little Man's favorite part was his smash cupcake. He could not shovel that thing into his mouth fast enough. It was so cute!

MyLovf put his first mark on the wall in his bedroom, I can't believe how high it looks!

We took him for his one year well baby visit where he got three shots; poor baby. He is on the lighter side as far as weight goes, but is super tall! Long and lean bebe, long and lean. Doc gave us the go ahead to transition him to whole milk and said he could pretty much have anything that he wanted to eat except for nuts. Those will have to wait till he's 2 (OMG two). His carseat has also been turned to face the front, I can't even imagine how boring it must be to stare that the back seat for hours on end. Now he gets a great view of everything!

So that's all for now folks! I'll probably be updating again in a few days as we are throwing Little Man another party this weekend! FSIL rocked her finals, so she and lil' brudder are driving to AZ as we type... speak... type (?) and my BOO IS COMING HOME!!! After a year in South Korea, she has been semi-permanently relocated to a base in Colorado; she was able to get the weekend away to come see us. I am so beyond excited to see her!

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Midnight

And it is officially my baby's 1ST BIRTHDAY!

From this,

to this!

::sigh:: Where does the time go?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet Little Man!! I LOVF YOU sooooooooo much!

Pictures and official update will be posted later : )