Friday, January 29, 2010

Sick Baby

My poor little baby is sick yet again. I cannot wait to get him out of that daycare. He's been sick just about every month since he started. This time it's bronchiolitis (sp?) and ANOTHER ear infection. He's been running a fever since yesterday, has a runny nose, congestion, coughing and projectiled a couple of times. When his fever hit 102, I took him in. The pediatrician set us up with breathing treatments and he will be on another round of antibiotics. I hope he feels better soon.

p.s. This will remain the primary blog, the 341 is supplementary :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

341 Days of Little Man

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this post for a while, and I’d better do it now before a) mommy brain gets the best of me and I forget and b) I won’t have any time to do it because I’ll be a SAHMommy!!!!!1!!!

My birth experience didn’t exactly go as I’d hoped, but you have to know your limits and decide what is best for you and your baby; a healthy baby being the ultimate goal. There are many things about that day that I wouldn’t change for the world. Looking back on it now, however, there are a couple of things I wish had gone down differently. I’m going to log them down here so that I remember for #2:

A very good friend of mine advised me to get a mirror so I could see my baby being born. She has two girls and swears that watching them come into the world are the two most incredible memories. I fully intended to do this, but for some reason, completely spaced. I really wish that I hadn’t forgotten. I know my hospital provides them to mothers who ask for it. At least MyLovf has that memory. I would've also liked to have a video, or at least pictures. Yeah, I know it's kind of weird that I would want that kind of documentation, but I only had the one view point and I would've loved to see it from like, the doctors' perspective.

I obviously couldn’t change the water break; baby decided that he was ready to come out NOW, but I really wanted to labor at home as long as possible. Unfortunately, my doctor advised me to get to the hospital ASAP if my water broke on its own. Don’t I have all the luck? I was admitted before I had any real contractions and ended up being really bored for a long time. I hated being hooked up to all the monitors. I wanted to be up and walking around, but they wouldn’t let me get out of bed due to the break. I think that if I had been able to get up and move, I could've gotten the labor moving faster and maybe would have avoided the pitocin (aka The Devil's Nectar). It was the longest 18 hours of my life. Not to mention that they wouldn’t let me eat anything while I was laboring. I’m so glad that we stopped to get something to eat on the way to the hospital! **side story - I can’t remember if I included this in my birth story post, and I’m too lazy to go back and look for it, so I’m putting it down here. Sorry if it’s a repeat** My water broke around 5:00 and I hadn’t eaten anything since about 11:00 that afternoon. Needless to say, I was hungry. So MyLovf drove me to Jack in the Box! We order and pull up to the window where he proceeds to tell the workers standing there that I’m in labor and all I wanted before going to the hospital was a teriyaki bowl! The looks on their faces were hysterical! We ate our food in the parking lot before heading off. He lovfs telling that story.

One thing I for sure wouldn’t change was the decision for MyLovf and I to be alone in the delivery room; hands down best decision ever. I let my family know beforehand and while I still got the occasional pleading look, it made for a lot less drama when the time came to kick everyone out. Of course, that didn’t stop my mother from begging me one last time to let her stay. “If I promise not to look, can I please stay with you?” were her exact words. How freaking annoying was that question? For one thing, I know she would’ve ended up seeing everything, it’s not like you can avoid it in the delivery room! That is not something I want my mother to see. Second, how unfair would that have been? She gets to stay, but my grandmother can’t and let’s not even talk about how hurt my MIL would’ve been. Of course, I held firm and told her no, that it was very important to MyLovf and I that it be just us. She left, but very reluctantly. I didn’t care much for her feelings at the time; I was getting ready to push a watermelon out of my hoo-ha. Not having an audience allowed for me to totally give in to my body and let it do what it was made for, and when Little Man entered our lives, it allowed for MyLovf to be in the moment and not censor what he was feeling because there were other people around. He embarrasses easily. It's funny that he married me, because I'm always doing silly things, like twirling down the aisles at the grocery store, or singing and dancing for Little Man while shopping for clothes. He pretends he doesn't know me, so then I have to be extra lovey dovey in the check out line so that people KNOW he's with the crazy chick ; )

One thing that I will always wonder about is whether I might have been able to prevent Little Man's first hospital admission at just four days old. I'm thinking that perhaps I put too much stock in the opinion of the lactation consultant, someone who may or may not have had any other medical background (can't remember). Those little orange pee crystals were a huge red flag that Little Man was dehydrated and my milk (well, colustrum at the time) was not cutting it. I was made to believe by the consultant that they didn't mean anything and not to be alarmed by their presence. I understand that breastfeeding is very important, but sometimes, like in my case, it just isn't enough and formula has to be introduced. If I had known that, I don't think his jaundice would have progressed to the point of hospitalization. The nurses that looked after Little Man while he was there said that the consultant had given me bad information and were peeved that she pushed "no formula" knowing that my supply wasn't adequate. They said that we should've been supplementing until my milk came in. So let my experience be a lesson to all the mamas-to-be that read my blog: tiny orange pee crystals = dehydrated baby. Get some formula into that kid stat! If you want to EBF, you can totally cut out the formula once your milk comes in.

I've heard over and over again that the shower you take in the hospital after giving birth is one of the best you'll ever take. Not so for me. It caused me more anxiousness than relaxation because it was the first time that I let Little Man out of my sight since he was born. Of course, his daddy was with him, but try rationalizing this with a new mother. LOL I sped through it and then didn't bother to dry my hair or put makeup on. The pictures of me leaving the hospital are terrible and shall never be seen by anyone other than MyLovf and I. I will definitely take more time with the first PP shower after #2!

A lot of the things we brought to the hospital were unnecessary. They provide pretty much everything you need while you're there. So my bag for #2 will consist of: camera (still or video), lap top, warm socks ('cause it gets really cold in there), snacks, toiletry/makeup bag, and something comfy to go home in. I won't worry about bringing jammies or anything because I lived in the hospital gowns the entire time. Oh, and I will snag a couple of the swaddling blankets. Nothing you can buy in retail stores matches the awesomeness of the hospital blankets.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First word?

I'm thinking yes.

Of course, it would be "dada".

And he's also started clapping. Cutest.thing.ever!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet Friend!

Thank you FloJat!

The rules:
List 10 things that make you happy.
Pass it on to 10 bloggers that make your day a better one!

1. My fantastic husband
2. My wonderful little boy
3. My family is happy and healthy
4. My puppies
5. Wine (when I'm able to drink it again)
6. The smell of Bath and Bodyworks Moonlight Path bodywash.
7. Birthday cake
8. Good Italian food
9. Shoes
10. Country Music

So as not to offend any of the many fabulous women that make me happy on a daily basis, I'll pass this award on to the last 10 to comment on my blog.

1. Shannon
2. Mitzi
3. Mrs. Foreste
4. Rachel
5. Leanna
6. Elisa
7. Erika
8. Carly
9. Jenifer
10. Mary

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7 Months!

I'm a couple days late posting this, but taking pictures of baby while said baby is sick and miserable is not so easily done. So I decided to wait a bit till I could get some cute pics to accompany my post.
My little guy has been very busy this month. He can sit all by himself without the need for the Boppy pillow that his mama still insists on surrounding him with.

He's almost able to push himself up on all fours; he gets his tummy off the ground, but only for a few seconds. He's starting to scoot a little to reach toys that have ventured too far. Isn't it fantastic? I almost have a mobile baby! Don't worry about the panicked look on my face; I'm sure it'll be fine. ::makes mental note to start baby proofing:: What else? Oh yeah, he thinks his farts are hilarious (he is his father's son), he blows raspberries all day (very drooly), and yelling at us and the dogs is like his favorite thing ever.
His menu has increase tremendously. He looooovfs oatmeal and the different kinds of rice cereal. He's on to stage 2 foods also, so now mixed things are being introduced; rice and chicken puree, mixed veggies, strawberry applesauce, yummy! He practically attacks the spoon when I'm trying to feed him. He is started to get diluted apple juice and OMG does he go to town on that! He is still not holding his own bottle... not sure what that's all about. The other boys in his class that are about the same age hold theirs.

The last few nights have been awful. He refuses to sleep in his crib! He can be totally passed out in my arms, but the second I lay him in his crib, he is wide awake and screaming! I've had to bring him to our bed just so we can all get some sleep! He also screams whenever I leave his line of sight. Makes for an interesting day at home when I'm trying to clean up or have to go to the bathroom. And it breaks my heart when he does it at the daycare. Separation anxiety? Probably. I wish we could get past this stage quickly, I hate to see him cry like that. Just 30 more days my baby!

He's almost over his cold, just a few random coughs and he still has a runny nose. I have to take him back to the pediatrician for his booster flu shot and to see if they finally have the H1N1 vaccine for him. After that, no more shot till his year visit! Yay! Oh crap... a YEAR!? Did I really just type out "year"? Dude, that was surreal. I was just typing along, ♪ la di da di da, and then it hit me that my baby is closer to being a year old than to being a newborn. Where'd my teeny little guy go?

 I have to throw in a quick Yay Me!

I've lost 10 pounds! I'm not trying to be obnoxious, but I'm actually really surprised. I haven't been working out (I know, shut up Jen), but I HAVE modified my diet. I cut out soda (which I'm so sad about), I drink a lot more water, I went through our pantry and threw out all the junk, and I buy (and eat) a lot more fruits and vegetables (eating them is the key; letting them rot in the fridge helps no one). It's amazing to see how much those junky foods affected me! I'm going to start that P90X as soon as I'm home for good and hopefully those last 15 pounds fall off my butt, thighs, and saggy tummy! I would start now, but I have so little time as it is with my job, that taking an hour a day to work out really cuts into my quality time with my Little and MyLovf. I'm so close to having my old body back and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy that makes me : )

And finally!

I'm going to be an Auntie again! My best friend is having #2, due in late July! So excited for her! She's such an amazing Mommy : )

Monday, January 11, 2010

Random updates

I know my posts have been fewer and further between, and I'm sorry for that. There's just been a lot going on.

Little Man is getting over a really nasty cold. A cold that could have been prevented if a certain little boys' mother had taught him early that he should cover his mouth when he sneezes! I was picking up my Little from daycare and there was an older boy in his class (not sure why he was in there), and as I was strapping my cutie into his seat, the boy came over to check things out. And then SNEEZED IN MY BABY'S FACE! Yes, right in his face; no hand, no tissue, no holds barred. It was so gross. I grabbed a wipe and cleaned him off right away, but I guess it wasn't fast enough. My poor baby had a terrible cough, a runny nose, and he slept so much that I started to get really worried. I schedule him an appointment with the pediatrician and was told that there wasn't anything they could give him and that it would just have to run its course. All I could do was make sure his mattress was elevated, use his humidifier, suck out the booger whenever he would let me, and make sure he stayed hydrated. I had a nice long talk with the school director about how infants' immune systems just aren't up to par with older children and that I felt it was inappropriate for them to be in the infant room. He agreed to keep a closer eye out (because he supposedly had no idea that this was all going on) and apologized for what happened.

I had an unexpected (ok, I knew it was coming) visitor a couple of days ago. I got my first PP AF! Fuuuun! *note sarcasm* It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It wasn't accompanied by the debilitating cramps that normally announce it's arrival; compared to some really bad ones I've had, this one was a cake walk.

In happier news, I only have 32 days left in the hell hole I call a job! Yes people, I am counting down the days. I have a literal countdown on my desk too. That way, I can look at it when I'm having a bad day (which seem to be more frequent) and feel better knowing that the end is in sight.

Just 4 more Mondays! It can't pass quickly enough, the other day I was leaving the daycare in the afternoon and my Little started crying and reaching for me. He'd never done that before; I broke down and cried on the elevator back up to my floor. Being able to stay home with him will be such a joy.

And in 33 days, my little sister comes home from Korea on leave! I haven't seen her in what seems like forever. I am beside myself with excitement! She'll only be here for a few days, but hey, it's better than nothing right? If I could have my way though, she'd spend two weeks with us instead of one, but she's determined to go back to Cali to see her (ex) boyfriend. I swear, if there was one person that I could snap my fingers and make drop off the edge of the planet, it would be this guy. They've broken up and gotten back together so many times that I've lost count. I don't know what is up with her; she seems like such a strong willed person when it comes to so many things in her life, but for some reason, she can't shake her feelings for him. He's treated her like crap for so long, that I'm afraid she thinks that just the way things are. He's such a pompous little a-hole too. A 19 year old philosophy major who thinks he knows it all. I'm sure you know the type. And for the record, WTH is he going to be able to do with major in philosophy? No seriously, if there is a legitimate philosophy related job out there where you can actually make money in this economy, please, I want to know what it is. Otherwise, he will also fall in the "delusional" category (among many other categories, including King Douche).