Sunday, July 18, 2010


Probably by now, most of my readers know that a couple of years ago, I was a "regular" poster on TheBump message boards (mostly on the Getting Pregnant board). We were in the beginning stages of TTC and I found the boards to be a wonderful source of information and daily hilarity. I was fortunate enough to find a group of girls that I totally clicked with. Long story short, crap went down on the board and my group of Interweb Buddies banded together to form our own private board. Almost 2 years has gone by and our board is still going strong. These ladies are, hands down, my very best friends.

So. This weekend just gone by was our 1st Annual GTG. I dropped Little Man off with my mom (who's been dying for a weekend all to herself with the little man) and headed over to LB's house. Girls from all over the country were there; CA, KS, WA, PA, and a whole bunch of other states. We laughed, hugged, lounged in the pool, threw a surprise baby shower for our hostess, barely slept, made up silly songs, and talked, talked, talked. It was completely amazing to me that there was absolutely no weirdness at all. It was truly a group of best friends getting together.

A weekend was not nearly long enough! I literally cried all the way to my mom's house to pick up Little Man. I was so sad when it was all over and all my girls had gone home. I cannot wait to see them all again. MyLovf doesn't know it yet, but I'm already saving up for next year (which is likely to be a cross country trip for me)!