Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just a few more hours

They're leaving tomorrow! She's acting all sad that they're leaving, but I think she's just as relieved as I am.

I had to drive them all over creation today and didn't get to do any of the things that I needed to do; like buying a new BBT! I ended up having to run to Kroger at 10:00pm to get it, and then could only find a single decimal one. She tried to pull her super-annoying-whiney-guilt-trippy thing and asked me to put Biddle out while we were gone so that Wilbur could have the run of the house and she wouldn't have to worry about them fighting...



But I did end up shutting her in our room. I didn't want her monster dog to eat my baby. Upside: I got to eat heavenly baby back ribs at Lucille's for dinner. It would have been much nicer if DH had joined us. He literally could not handle them anymore and decided that he would rather drive an hour to pick up a holster for $20. Gas probably cost more than the holster, but that's how much he DIDN'T want to be there.

I'm debating whether or not to drag my ass out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to see them off.

Hmm... Ok then...

I was sure I would get cross hairs today. Where are they? Someone chart stalk me please!!


WTF BBT!? Why you have to die!?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Long vent post. TL;DR at the end

I have been looking forward to my sister visiting for weeks now. Weeks! I was so excited that she was coming...

And now she's here.

The past 24 hours have been a giant pile of annoying.

She texted me somewhere between Flagstaff and Phoenix:
Her: "Going 5mph in a 65... Can you check the traffic for us? See WTF is happening."
Me: "You have an I-phone..."

Then she called:
Her: "We're 40 minutes away and we're hungry. Can you go get us some In N' Out and have it waiting for us when we get there?"
Me: "There's an In N' Out right off the freeway, you'll hit the exit ramp in about 10 minutes. The closest one to me is 20 minutes away, so it would take 40 minutes regardless of who buys it. Plus I'm already in my pajamas. So, no."
That conversation went on till her hubby actually pulled off the freeway to go to the In N' Out. She literally whined for 10 freaking minutes about how I was so mean for not leaping up excitedly to go get food for her.

Earlier in the day, I was talking to my mom about how we would handle introducing their dog to ours and worried how mine would react to having a big, strange dog running around our house. My mom basically told me that I had to be "hospitable" and put my dogs outside so her dog could stay in the house. Fuck that shit. My dogs LIVE here and temperatures are starting to climb into the triple digits. She didn't HAVE to bring Wilbur at all. My dogs are not going to be penalized in any which way. Mom didn't care to continue the conversation and we ended it with mutual bitch faces.

So they get here and before she even says hello, my mother is hugging on and kissing her stomach and saying hi to the raspberry sized baby with no ears... "Oh my god, mother! I told you that was weird with I was pregnant with Little Man; it's still weird!" Sister agreed and tried to wriggle away from her. Mom got all offended, put on her best wounded puppy look, and vowed to never EVER touch her stomach again! If it was me, I would've been relieved and left it like that, but my sister had to assure her that it was her own weird hang up and had nothing to do with my mom. She'll probably cave before they leave for home and let my mom hang all over her midsection. Then I'll really be the bitchy daughter for not allowing any uninvited contact with my pelvis.

They were in our house all of two minutes and turned Wilbur loose to explore his new environment (which is whatever, that's what dogs do), but dogs are not allowed upstairs at all or on the carpeted areas of the downstairs. Do those rules apply to Wilbur? Apparently not. I had to chase him out of our room repeatedly and they kicked my Biddle out while I was in the shower because she was barking at him. I panicked when I couldn't find her (she usually waits next to the door for me to come out) and didn't have anyone to yell at because they'd all gone to bed.

This morning we decided to get Biddle and Wilbur back together and properly introduced. Biddle is a dachshund, and Wilbur is a Chinese Shar Pei, so he's got probably 40 pounds on her. They started out ok, but then he scared her and she snapped at him and tried to chase him away. My sister freaked out and HIT Biddle for defending herself! Then she starts screaming at me and trying to rationalize why she shouldn't be scared. Hello!? She's a dog! You can't reason with an animal! She felt threatened and nipped him; she didn't even break the skin. "Don't fucking hit my dog again!" She came back later and apologized for hitting her, but didn't do anything to help minimize possible flare ups, instead she put Wilbur's food out where Biddle could reach it and then got pissed when she *gasp* ate some!

I get the distinct feeling that she thinks she's on vacation and I'm the hired help. She spent the whole morning and most of the afternoon (when she wasn't yelling at Biddle) laying on the couch and watching Deadliest Catch. She ate three bowls of Lucky Charms from three different bowls and didn't wash any of them, moved the furniture around so she could have a table next to her, and then took off with her H and Wilbur to go get lunch at In N' Out again without bothering to ask if LM and I wanted to come along or fixing the furniture. I can't stand to have the house a mess, so I ended up washing her dishes and righting the living room. No acknowledgment and no apology.

As I was starting to get dinner together, instead of offering to help, they decided to walk Wilbur over to the park. LM heard them and asked if he could go along. "Only if your mommy comes too!" Yeah, don't bother doing my any favors. I couldn't go because I was making dinner, and she didn't want to take him because she didn't know him that well... *reference Blair again* A few minutes after they left, she called to find out where the closest ice cream place was. Again, no invitation and no offer to bring a treat back for LM. I really don't think I'm wrong in feeling slighted. That is so rude!

When my parents came home I had to vent. Why am I surprised that my mom admonished me for not being a "good sister". Why do I have to be a "good sister" and she gets to be a brat? UGH!

After dinner clean up, I was in the kitchen and I heard my dad's dog, Lily (another dachshund), screaming bloody murder from the garage. I run out there and find her with her foot caught in the doggy door that leads in from the outside. I bend down and try to help her and she bites my arm! I had to grab her neck to keep her from doing it again. She had somehow gotten a back toenail stuck in the little latch on the bottom of the door. She's ok, but man, REALLY?

I am so happy this suckfest of a day is over and I really, really wish that MyLovf wasn't so tired when he got home. I need stress relief sex.

TL;DR: I was super excited to have my sister here for a week. It's been one day and the visit is already pissing me off. I don't like her dog, she's acting like a princess, and she has no consideration for others. My dad's dog bit me. MyLovf wouldn't give me the kind of hug that turns into sex.

TTC: CD14 today. Wonky A/C temps are confusing me. May have O'd on either CD10 or 12. Either way, I think our timing was good. Crossing my fingers!

If you made it this far, your reward is this nifty gif that I found while searching for Blair. It makes me gigglesnort.

Fertile thoughts, please! Bahahaha! 

WTF? Now I'm phantom smelling popcorn! WANT!

Monday, May 27, 2013

The "After Party" **UPDATE**

*Tired sigh*
I made it through the party with all my limbs and most of my sanity intact.

There were some early morning annoyances, but the party itself went off without a hitch. Awesomesauce! Little Man had a blast despite cousin trying to take his new toys away and, of course, we had way too much food. Should make for some excellent breakfast in the morning!


MyLovf carved a watermelon pirate fruit ship!

 Masterpiece :)

Little Man with his presents. He was not happy that most of the bags contained clothes. Mama, on the other hand, was thrilled!

Mom and Daddy came through for him, though. We bought him Bucky!

After presents, we sang him Happy Birthday. He was so freaking cute! He got all embarrassed and tried to hide. When people stopped paying attention to him, he helped to hand out the cupcakes.

Mama-made cupcake toppers.

I really should have taken a picture of it before I completely flipped my shit... but an hour after the party ended, I found him bare-assed naked in the tub with Bucky in the water next to him. Yeah. It is NOT a water toy. It has electronics that may or may not work any longer. I still cannot believe that a room full of people didn't hear the bath water running! He has taken his ninja shenanigans to a whole new level. I have a strong suspicion that cousin put him up to it even though I have no definitive proof. I really don't think that he could've come up with that plan on his own. **The tattling didn't exactly absolve cousin either, especially considering he was in there the whole time and I watched him shut the bathroom door quietly after himself before he ran over to me**

What's super funny (read: ironic) is that when we were checking out, the cashier asked us if we wanted to purchase the two-year replacement plan for $5. "Oh, no thanks, we should be ok."

They know what's up.

I'm still hoping that it'll dry out and work again. Please, oh please, oh please! Later while we were cleaning up, I dropped a half full container of Greek yogurt on the floor.

And then mommy took a time out. There might have been tequila involved.

TTC: Stupid A/C screwed with temping on CDs 10 and 12. We usually have it set pretty high to save money, but since the house if full of people, my dad turned it down 5 degrees cooler than normal. My damn chart looks like a mountain range. If there is a cycle #3, I think I'll switch to vaginal temping.


**UPDATE: It works! It works! Yay!**

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Next Year

Can someone please remind me how much I dislike having my house full of people?

I am naturally an introvert, so I do not understand my own compulsion to invite a bunch of people over to my house for any kind of event (even something as awesome as celebrating LM's birthday). There are currently 8 more people under my roof than usual and they're all OOT overnight guests who will be here all weekend. Yaaaaaayy... *note lack of enthusiasm*

I am happy that both my little brothers, SIL, and niece are here, and I super happy that my grandma and grandpa came out when they originally said they wouldn't be able to. I am NOT happy that grandma also brought my uncle and his family. I only sent them an invitation because my grandma is staying with them right now, so the lack of an invite for them would've been really noticeable. My little cousin is a shit. He's the only precious boy and is permitted to run around and be a terrorist. He is always bugging the crap out of LM. He's the type of kid that will play nicely until he gets bored and then feels the need to push or smack or steal a toy and make LM cry. Luckily all LM has to do is run to one of our dogs. Cousin is terrified of dogs and Biddle is always more than happy to growl (or even just look) at him and he runs crying to his mommy. I do not feel bad about it. She protects him. That's her job.

I was able to escape for a while and took my brothers and SIL shooting. My SIL turned out to be kind of a badass behind the rifle. She could totally be the sniper cover on my Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team ;)

Then we got back to the house... *ugh*

Lord, give me the patience to get through this weekend. I would ask for strength, but then I would have to also request bail money...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh, No Pressure...

First my little sister... now my best friend. Both are pregnant with due dates three weeks apart. The second level of epicness has been added and I'm so crazy happy for them right now! But this is seriously not helping the big ball of insanity that is swirling around in my head. They have both promised to send fertile thoughts to my ute this weekend. LMAO!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

AW time!

If you can't be an AW on your own blog, then really, where can you do it?

Yesterday MyLovf and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary! Being that it landed on a Tuesday, we were really only able to go to dinner, but he was able to take the day off from work. That seriously never happens. We lounged around the house for most of the day and were just together. It was perfect. We are planning to actually do something to celebrate, but we have a lot of people coming for Memorial Day and LM's birthday party is this weekend, so it'll have to wait a little while. No biggie.

I really should be cleaning and getting things ready right now instead of blogging, but eh... I'm trying to get myself motivated to go clean the bathroom.

On the TTC front, today is CD8 with O predicted for Saturdayish. Should be fun to HIO with a house full of people. We talked about EOD this cycle, but we'll have to see how that goes. He comes home really tired most days and crashes right after dinner clean up.

Gotta add a LM note because he has been especially adorable today. I let him play a few Disney Jr. games on the computer while I make his breakfast and clean up a little bit. The whole time he played today he would randomly yell "I lub you, MOM!!!" So stinkin' cute :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Woot woot!

Before I started posting in the forums again I tried logging in to my old account only to find that somehow my sign in had been changed and my post count was gone! I contacted TB gods and let them know what happened. I got an email back two days later saying something about the profile being corrupted, but they would try to fix it. I waited for a couple of weeks before finally giving up and creating a new account. Then today (after a little bit of wine *cough*) I logged in to my old account by accident and voila! There it was! My old sign in and my hard earned post count were restored!

This post serves no purpose other than to Yay about not being labeled a newb anymore. Carry on.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


But this is a what-a-nice-surprise wtf...

AF only lasted three days! I don't think I've ever had such a short one, that ish usually hangs around for like a week. It kicked my ass and I hated it, but whatever! It's gone!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cycle #2

Started spotting and temps started dipping on Monday, so I had a pretty good idea that shark week was imminent. Still not fun to see it confirmed in your panties though. There was a little bit of confusion this morning when I woke up and there was nothing on my liner, but a few hours later and I am no longer confused. I am a little afraid of what my periods are going to be like now. Before Little Man, they were freakin' horrendous; tons of painful cramping and always heavy. After he was born, they were not nearly as painful and lighter. With the IUD in place, I could get through it with panty liners and there was little to no cramping at all (cake walk)! Hopefully I go back to how they were post-baby rather than pre-baby.

Come on ute! Mama is still dreaming of being pregglified with my sister! Please don't take too long!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gotta say

You are all a wealth of information and support...


She's feeling much better about it today. I don't know what changed overnight, but when she called me this morning, she was in much better spirits and even talking names and due dates. I guess she just needed some time for it to sink in. And also, two more positive tests :)

She couldn't hold in her news for very long and had my parents on Skype later in the afternoon. My mom cried, of course. Daddy was grinnin' like a goof. I got it all on video for her because she wanted a record of their reaction. I'm just so stinkin' happy that she's happy! They're both already in full swing planning mode. I tried to tell her not to make any huge decisions right now and that they have plenty of time to get their finances and other things in order. Alas, she has never been the person to take my advice to heart. I'm hoping that they slow down a little and enjoy it.

But being happy for her just isn't enough it seems. My stupid body. And my stupid brain. Argh! I had quite the little temp jump this morning and my boobs feel a little tender. Of COURSE phantom symptoms are haunting me right now! Dangle the dream of simultaneous pregnancies whydon'tchya!? In my rational mind I know I'm being completely ridiculous. In my not so rational mind I'm dreaming of a dual baby shower... *FacePalm*

Saturday, May 11, 2013



Oh my freaking gawwwd!  *giddy twirls*

I just so wish that she wasn't so scared and upset! Why? Why? Why is she freaking out? She is 23 and has been married for two years. She and her hubs have great jobs, a beautiful home, and are doing well. I don't understand why she is reacting this way. Ok, maybe it's a little earlier than they planned, but does it really make that much of a difference?

Not trying to make it about me, but I really want to be excited about being an aunt again (and OMG possibly fulfilling our dream of being pregnant together ) and I can't because I don't want her to feel like her feelings are not valid.

What do I do? How do I help her?

Alright then, be weird!

You don't have to come out of lurkdom, but know that I'm going to assume that you're weirdos. So I'm glad I scrubbed the blog before I started posting again.

Now I'm going to pretend that you're not here because I have some stuff to write about.

When we first started the journey for #2 (you know, 22 days ago), I had a mini scare with DH. A couple days after yanking my IUD I told him that I had bought some prenatals and asked him if he was excited to finally be trying again. He said "it is what it is". I was thrown for a bit of a loop because we had been talking about it for a while and after waiting two years longer than I really wanted to, I was SUPER excited. I guess I figured he would be too. Of course, me being me, I got all in my own head and started thinking the worst.

"Are we not on the same page?"

"Did I pull the goalie too soon? It's not like I can just put it back in!"

"OMG, am I going to have to chart to avoid now!?"

I was dreading having to talk to DH about it. No, that's wrong. I was terrified. Not because I was fearful of a fight, but because I would be heartbroken if he were to tell me that he wasn't really ready and ask me to wait even longer. I actually stewed in this craziness for almost a whole day before bringing it up to DH. He pretty much laughed at my anxiousness and let me know in no uncertain terms that he was on board. Definitely on board.

Anyway, that little story is supposed to be a segue into this next little tidbit. You creepers may not think it's important at all, but it made my heart happy and I wanted to document it.

Last night we were... doing stuff and he asked me if I was ovulating. *swoons from adorableness* I would have to go back through past posts to double check, but I'm pretty sure he never asked me that when we were trying for Little Man. I like to believe that even though he may not express it the same way (or at all *sigh*), that he is just as excited as I am. He's showing more interest in what's going on with me, but I can't talk about it too much or he tunes out. Which is why I put it all down here! I can say what I need to say and unload my brain, so to speak, and not dump everything on him.

I'm on clouds today. ♥

For the record, I'm 11DPO today and have absolutely zero intention of testing until 15DPO. I hate seeing BFNs.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hi Lurkers!

I know you're out there! I can see my page view count going up and I've only told one person that I've started blogging again and I don't think she looks at this page 20+ times a day.

Or do you, J? 'Cause that would be weird...

Plus I was getting hits before I took it off of Private mode, so I know it's probably past readers I've lost touch with. I am intrigued to know who's reading. Please comment!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cue Marge-like groan

I need to get out of my own head for like a week. That would be a useful skill for every 2WW I think. Frequent pee breaks today are raising my level of anxiousness. Little Man's BFP was preceded by painful boobs at 6DPO and AF-like cramping at 12DPO and right now, my boobs don't hurt.

I'm irritated with myself. I told DH that I wanted to make TTC#2 as stress free as I could and try to not let myself get anxious like I did the first time around, but that doesn't seem to be something I am capable of doing. I told myself that I was only charting to make sure that my cycles regulate and that I'm ovulating after having the Mirena in for almost 4 years and that after I was sure everything was fine, I would stop and "let whatever happens happen." Yeah. Not so much. I don't know who I thought I was kidding. I know myself better than that and to expect myself to not go all Type A on it was not a realistic expectation.

Seven more days until either AF is expected to show her ugly face, or I'm holding a pee stick with two pink lines on it. Lord help me; I need to calm down.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Round 4 of Denial

I spent a couple of hours yesterday designing my Little Man's birthday invitations. I sent the completed invite to my friend in IL for her opinion and she responded with "Those are cute, but he can't possibly be 4. No way possible. I think you are lying."


I couldn't agree more. He is such an amazing little person, but it's crazy to think that at this time in 2009, I was hugely pregnant with him.

Bah! I'm getting all teary and nostalgic. I need to go find something to take my mind off of it!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Great Start!

*note sarcasm*

A couple of days after FF gave me dashed crosshairs, it took them away completely. Probably because my CM is acting weird. Normally it does what it's supposed to do when it's supposed to do it, but this month  has seen very little in the way of change and I have not noticed the EWCM at all. I took out all the CM information and FF put the dashed crosshairs back.

I dunno what to think at this point. The O day it's giving me is early compared to past charts (although, to be fair, those are nearly 4 years old), but there is a clear temp shift, so I guess I did O that day. We had good timing, so I'm tentatively crossing my fingers. I'm unsure whether I should be excited about possibly getting pg on our first cycle trying because the last time that happened, I m/c'd at 7 weeks. I'm getting heart palpitations just thinking about it.

6 DPO today. Stupid 2WW.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Already? Seriously?

I realize that this is the first cycle since taking out my IUD, but seriously? Why is FF already being a bitch? I got a pretty little set of crosshairs this morning (CD11), but I'm dubious. They don't match CM or sex drive at all and I usually have some cramping and even occasional spotting around O time. I'm 99.9% sure that they'll get moved in the next couple of days. Why even put them there FF? Why?

Update: Now a few hours later, they're dashed crosshairs! *heavy sigh* 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

*Blows off the dust*

Wow. It's been a while since I visited this little corner of the interwebs. I was trying to remember a date for something and knew that I had blogged about it once before recalling that I had written about it here and not on our family blog. Coming back and reading through everything again brought back so many memories! I used to really lovf keeping this blog, plus we're finally TTC #2, so I decided to revamp it and get back into the swing of things.

I'll just do a quick update on some of the things that were left up in the air for the past, what, three years? Jeesh, this is going to be long.

First, my relationship with DH is SO.MUCH.BETTER than it was the last time I wrote. We went through an insanely rough patch, but ultimately managed to work it out and now are stronger together than I think we ever were. I think we have figured out our communication issues and lately there hasn't been anything that I've been afraid to talk to him about. He was also able to find a new job that he really likes. The company we were both working for made for steadily worse working conditions and he finally got fed up with it. Luckily, he was able to make some awesome contacts and got a job that doesn't crush his soul...

 After two years of negotiations with our bank, we did end up losing our home. We were unable to find a rental to move into, so we've been living with my parents since May 2011. We recently tried to purchase another home closer to DH's work, but financing fell through on not one, but two different houses. We're taking a break for a couple of months before heading back out there. Having our hearts broken twice in one month was just too much for us.

My mother and I are getting along better (awesome, since we live together now), but there are still those moments when I want to strangle her. There are only two IRL out-of-state friends that know that we're TTC again and I'm hoping to keep it from her completely. I'm also pretty sure that if (God forbid) I were to have another m/c, I would not tell her about it. And she will definitely not know about any pregnancy until the first trimester is over... or until I can't hide it anymore...

I became an official Auntie in January! My little brother and his wife had a little girl who is just the most adorable thing in the world. Talk about sending my baby fever into overdrive! So now I have three precious little ones to lovf on besides my own :)

My little sister ended up coming to her senses and dumped that cheating SOB from Cali. She was discharged from the army because she injured her back pretty badly and is now married to a great guy and is living in Colorado. Although, they may be moving to AZ soon as they're both applying for positions within their company to come here. I am so.beyond.excited! It has been yeeeeaaaaarrrrrssss since we've lived in the same place. I really miss her.

My baby brother joined the Marines and graduated boot camp in January. He's currently in training at 29 Palms. I miss him every day. I'm close with all my siblings, but we have a special connection and not having him around has been really hard for me. The only comfort is knowing that he's living his dream and I wouldn't dare take that away from him. He is also my Little Man's favorite uncle (shh, not supposed to say that out loud) so he's always asking for him. He's supposed to be getting some leave time for Memorial Day weekend. Praying that nothing happens to keep him away.

Our little guy has changed so much since the last time I wrote about him. He's not only a full time walker *LOL*, but pretty much runs everywhere. And boy, is he fast! An accident while on vacation claimed one of his front teeth when he was two, so he's had a gap there for a while. He can speak in full sentences, and is talking A LOT. He even talks to his Aunties on Skype now instead of just staring at them :) He is big into UmiZoomi and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is still totally obsessed with water. He'll be four in about five weeks and we're planning to have an early birthday party over Memorial Day weekend because all of my siblings will actually be in one place! Woohoo!

That's all for now. So happy to be back :)