Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We're back!

DH and I spent Labor Day weekend out in California and had so much fun. We left early Friday morning so that we wouldn't get caught in traffic. We stayed in my in-laws' crazy nice motor home; it's nice to have a private place to crash where we don't have to worry about waking everyone up when we roll in at 3 o'clock in the morning!

Saturday brought on one of my favorite things (note the dripping sarcasm), AF decided to finally show her face. A 28 day cycle and 15 day LP; talk about messing with a persons' head! I was convinced, and I mean CONVINCED that this was it. I was feeling somewhat like I did with the BFP in March, but alas, my body was playing a nasty, ugly, mean trick on me. Good things happened too though. We went out to dinner with some friends at Lucille's BBQ. Sooooo gooood! I lovf me some BBQ.

On Sunday we went shopping and DH actually had an ok time (shocking I know). He's usually sighing heavily and rolling his eyes, counting down the minutes till I finally decide that I'm done looking at stuff. He found a t-shirt that says "I see dumb people", he wore it the next day : )

Monday was really fun. I got to see my BF and play with her daughters. The girls didn't listen to me though, I told them very seriously that they weren't allowed to get any bigger in my absence. Totally disobeyed the order! The littlest one is 2 now! Her hair has gotten super light, almost white. She looks like a teeny tiny old lady, sooo cute! We had to leave there for a little while and go pick up my wedding ring at Robbin's Brothers. I had to drop it off on Friday to be re-plated and to have the diamonds tightened. DH's ring was also dropped off, but he won't get his back for 3 weeks! The diamond on his ring fell out (tension setting), and since this is the second time it's happened, they decided to send it back to the manufacturer to be checked out. They said they might even have to replace it. Brand new ring for DH! After we picked up my ring, we went back to our friends' house in Fontana to wait for her DH to come home. He's a Sheriff and didn't return until almost 11 o'clock. We stayed there till about 2 AM so they could catch up, then I was forced to drive back to the in-laws allll the way out in Hemet. I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, but of course I had to drive, 'cause the guys downed a keg! I'm always the designated driver. So not fair!

Tuesday we came home. We left CA at about 11AM and got home around 5. We dropped off all of our stuff and then had to head out for another hour long drive to pick up our puppies at my parents' house.

And now, here I sit once again. I just finished catching up on emails and such and I had to update all my info on FF 'cause I didn't have internet access while we were there. Now that I'm done with all that, I must head over to The Fort to see all my internet buds : )


Sarah said...

I missed you bitch! Love Sniff