Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who thought it was funny

to ram a knife into my ute? O.M.G. The cramps. I've never had them this bad before; even the m/c in April wasn't this nasty. I'm literally doubled over and hissing in pain. Midol does nothing.

::sits whimpering and rocking in corner::


Shannon said...

Im so sorry, lovff. I wish I could take away your stupid AF pain!

Anonymous said...

So I came across your blog from the nest...your quote of it taking one second to fall in love with a baby hit me. Hard. DH and I got pg a year and a half ago and with all that was going on in our life (major life stress!! Out of state move, selling a house among others) we just were not wanting to admit the pregnancy stressed us out. On the way to our 1st ultrasound, he says "Are you worried that something will be wrong?" and I say "I am worried that nothing will be wrong and I still feel the same". Fast forward to the ultrasound: my uterus is on the screen for about, .5 seconds, and I say "Ok, I'm hooked". Our baby was gone and had stopped growing 5 weeks earlier. That baby did reveal an abnormal uterus that would make the chances of having a full term pregnancy slim to none. We have since had it fixed and are TTC. I don't know if you ever cruise over to pregnancy loss, but they are an amazing source of comfort and strength (even if your loss was some time ago as mine was) Sorry to ramble, but I am sorry you are going though this. It just plain sucks. Wishing you sticky baby dust soon!!

Sarah said...

Poor sweetie, I'm so sorry you're going through this! I hope it goes away soon.

You've earned yourself some wine.