Thursday, January 15, 2009

16 weeks!

And I'm feeling flutters! I was feeling them last week too, but I wasn't really sure what they were, so I didn't say anything for fear of people telling me that it was too early, or that it was gas. For crying out loud, I KNOW what gas feels like, I've been getting gas for the past 26 years! This is something entirely new. The little one must be doing somersaults in there; all of a sudden, it feels like my stomach drops. Kind of like the sensation you get when you're riding a roller coaster. It's weird. But in a good way, obviously. I can't even begin to tell you how reassuring those little sensations are. I have not worried about lack of symptoms since I started feeling them. : )

I sent a belly pic to my BFF a couple of weeks ago (the 14 week one), and she called me later to talk. As we're talking, I hear her DH in the background wondering aloud why I even bother with the pictures. I think it went something like "It's not like there's anything there yet, she just looks fat". If it was possible to do, I would've reached through the phone and strangled him. But I shouldn't have worried because then I hear **SMACK** and then him going "OW!". She must've gotten him good! LOL She asked me for weekly belly pics, so I'm gonna send them! Butthead. He jokes like that all the time, I just hope he wasn't making those kind of comments to her when she was pregnant!

Update on the vag. It's doing better I think. We might try again this weekend. Cross your fingers that it's finally back to normal. After back-to-back yeast infections, and now this, I'm ready for some lovin'!

Here are the latest belly pics. I have no idea why they came out so foggy : (


Bee said...

Yay for feeling the baby move! I felt my first little nudge yesterday (I'm just about 15 weeks) and was so surprised to feel something so early! You're looking really cute, Lovf, keep up the good baby baking!

Leannabanna said...

arent flutters the BEST!! You look great as always... and not fat at all.... its all baby!!

Nichole said...

That is so exciting that you can feel your baby move! Good Luck on getting some lovin' this weekend!!!

Kelly and Natalie said...

You look adorable, not fat AT ALL! Yay for baby movement! And happy to hear your vag is happy once more. :)

Molly said...

I think you're precious-- and I'd smack your friend's hubby for ya anytime!