Thursday, June 12, 2008

And who are you?

Background: my daddy owns a dental office so I know everyone that works there. Today there was someone new. I introduced myself and found out that he's temping for a few days while one of the girls is out on vacation. He assisted the doctor with my crown delivery today.

I'm sitting in the chair and this is our conversation:

Him: "Are you married?"
Me: "Yes"
Him: "Do you have any kids?"
Me: "No"
Him: "How old are you?"
Me: Thinking this is really none of his business, but I answer anyway, "25"
Him: "What are you waiting for? You know your dad wants to be a grandpa already."
Me: Awkward laugh

Luckily, the doctor stuck his little mirror in my mouth right after that, so I couldn't answer even if I wanted to. Why am I fielding questions about TTC from a guy I just met?


Molly said...

You should have told homeboy to step off! ;) I hate awkward situations like that.

Shannon said...

It amazes me that people feel like they have free reign to ask any question they want, ugh!