Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've noticed that most of my posts lean toward the negative and I was going to make a conscience effort to lighten up a bit, but today just ain't that day.

After the m/c in April, the one thing I asked of my mother was that she not tell my grandma what happened. I had no desire to add to her stress level. There is drama with my aunts/uncles, there is drama with her tenants, there is drama with my sister; add to that all of her various medical issues and you will find a lady that's been worn pretty thin.

From what I understand, the revelation came after a discussion between the two of them about why H and I don't come over as often anymore (she lives with my parents). Mom tells her we're strapped for cash and throws in my emergency room visit as one of our expenses. Of course that's going to pique Grandma's curiosity, she wanted to know what I went in for. AND SHE TOLD HER! Yep, she told her everything. I'm standing there in shock as my mother is telling me what happened; justifying her reasons and what not; and I couldn't say anything. Well, I could've, but I didn't because I'm sure I would regret it later. And then...

And then she asks me how things are going in "that" department.

I lied. I told her before that the doc recommended we wait three months, and it's been over three months, but I made her think it hadn't (see, she can't even remember when it happened). So, she thinks we're still waiting on my doc's ok in another couple of weeks. She got all giddy, squealed and started clapping like a little school girl. **barf** Even after I calmly explained it could take a year (hello, it's already been five months since coming off of BC) to get PG, she was still all happy and bouncing around.

If she asks again, I fully intend to tell her we're TTA. I'm so sick of this.