Thursday, August 7, 2008

Enough already!

Update: After speaking with my brother, it has been determined that he at no time rendered my cousin unconscious. I'm not sure what to make of this as far as what her goal was here, but it is safe to say that we will not be having any contact with her or her family in the future. Sad, I'll miss my uncle.

I should keep a list of the people that I DON'T want to strangle. It would be so much shorter.

My mom calls me from home (she took the day off) very upset and tells me that my uncle just called her and made some pretty serious allegations against my baby brother. Background: about a week and a half ago, my aunt and cousin stayed with my family for one night while they were passing through to Vegas. Today, my uncle says that my aunt called him in hysterics because my cousin claimed that my brother punched her and knocked her out while they were staying there. Now she's rushing her to the hospital to be checked.

For obvious reasons, I am very skeptical that this even happened. I tried to look at it objectively, but I still can't see this being true.

First, my brother is the most mellow 14YO kid that you've ever met, and he is so not violent at all. I know this because my sister tortured the hell out of him for years and he never so much as smacked her (even when she deserved it). They grew up together and he has always been more of a brother than a cousin to her. He's very protective of her too.

Secondly, why, if he had knocked her out the night before, would she be hanging all over him the next day and hugging him goodbye when she left? She showed absolutely NO sign whatsoever that he intimidated her or was even mean to her. And she tends to get very whiny when someone is being mean to her.

Third, wouldn't there have been some kind of bruise before today? Don't bruises show up within hours? And if he had knocked her out, I'm thinking it would've had to've come from a shot to the head. Kind of noticeable, no?

Fourth, why didn't she say anything to her mother right after it happened? Why wait till a week later? She has had no problems in the past about tattling on people.

Fifth, why is her mother rushing her to the hospital a week and a half after the alleged incident? If she'd been having an adverse effect from a punch to the head that happened over a week ago, wouldn't she have gone a lot sooner than today?

Sixth, and this is one of the biggest reasons why I'm skeptical, my cousin has a pattern of accusing people of doing things like this; another cousin, a teacher, a band mate, and a voice coach. The other cousin I could see doing something like that, he's a little douche, but what about everyone else? Is she really so unlucky that she has had half a dozen people **allegedly** get violent with her?

And finally, she lies. There. I said it. No one else will say it. But she does.

I'm thinking that perhaps something happened in the last day or so (maybe with a BF no one knows about?) and she doesn't want to get caught doing something she shouldn't be doing. But why would she throw my brother under the bus?

And as if all this crap wasn't enough, my poor unsuspecting grandma is, at this very moment, on her way to go visit them. My aunt isn't exactly tactful, nor does she give a shit about anyones' feelings but her own, so I can guarantee that as soon as my grandma walks through the door, she will still be hysterical ('cause it suits her cause) and will assail her with all this. My mom started crying as soon as she realized what's about to happen, and I can't say that I blame her. My aunt is a huge drama queen and will no doubt go on and on with no regard for the fact that she's accusing one grandchild of violence against another grandchild; with no proof that it actually happened. How do you think my grandma would take something like that?I told my mom that she'd better get to grandma before my aunt does. If my aunt gets to her first my grandma will be completely devastated.

I am so freakin' sick of this drama in my family. And ::gasp:: ALL of it starts with these three. My uncle, the cheater, my aunt, the AW and drama queen and my cousin, who is becoming more and more like her mother every day. Not a good thing. I am all for cutting them off at this point, they've brought us nothing but grief and pain. My mom will be talking to my brother when he gets out of school. How much you wanna bet that he said something that pissed her off and she's getting her revenge this way? I know I made her mad when I told her that dating a 17YO was a bad idea considering that she's only 13. She wouldn't speak to me for weeks.


Mary said...

Oh Lovf - I'm so sorry. Something definitely doesn't sound right about that at all.