Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am my mother's keeper

As much as I would like to distance myself from her right now, I know that I can't. She's been feeling pretty down lately and it seems like I'm the only one that doesn't make her sad. My little brother lives far away. My little sister took off a month ago without so much as a goodbye, and is now living with her boyfriend (total scandal in my family). And my baby brother has been accused of knocking out poor innocent little girls; and because her parents believe her blindly, they aren't speaking with my mom, causing another huge rift in the family.

I guess I will just have to bite my tongue, grit my teeth, and let her say whatever she wants to. The thought of a grandbaby is the only thing that makes her smile anymore. Hope my ladies won't mind me venting more often than usual, it's bound to get worse before it gets better.