Wednesday, October 29, 2008


**Update!! I got a call from the lab and my betas were at 706 at 14DPO! HOLY COW!!

I've noticed a couple of things in the few days since I found out about this new little one that make me truly believe that this is the one for us. This is our baby. This one is staying here with us.

A little background: We weren't trying when I got PG the first time; we were using condoms but I had been off BC for a while. I wasn't far enough along to have any kind of symptoms. The only thing that tipped me off was a late AF. I went back on the pill for a while after that. The second time I got PG, our first cycle trying, AF again was the first tip off. I felt "weird", but not sick, I had some cramping, but it didn't last very long at all. After a few days of that, I felt completely normal. Then the spotting started up and I knew something was wrong.

This time, I feel completely different. The cramping is more noticeable and has been around since before the BFP. I'm having trouble with certain smells and I get a little queazy if I think of something gross, I am super tired (almost to the point of falling asleep in front of my computer), I get dizzy if I stand up to quickly and sometimes in the shower, it hurts my belly when I sneeze, and the bloat is making it hard to button up my "not skinny" pants.

I also have this overall sense of well being. I was so happy the first two times, but this time I can feel the glow. It's hard to explain but I feel happier this time around. And more optimistic! I actually went to Target yesterday and bought a cute maternity sweater! I can totally use it before the bump comes in, it's not obviously maternity, but it has Liz Lange Maternity on the label and it made my heart happy to see that : ) I'm also stalking ebay for cute clothes I can use later on down the line. I know I won't need them till sometime in January, but I can't help myself!

Now if the stupid lab would just call me with my blood work, my day would be complete. Stupid people didn't note down that I have a history of miscarriage; it was supposed to be a rush! I should have that call later today and then I can schedule my first appointment. The doc I saw with the m/c in April said to call her ASAP with the next BFP so she could see me right away. C'mon lab! Hurry up!


Silvina said...

Congratulations hun!!! I can see what you mean about having a glow. I wish you the best of luck. (spvsilvina from The Nest)

Leannabanna said...

Aw! Lovf - sticky baby vibes coming your way. Your post made my heart beat really fast with anticipation and excitment!

Carly said...

this is it! this is YOUR BABY MOMMA!!!! I am so excited for you- and how cute are you with your maternity purchases :)