Sunday, September 13, 2009

3 months and heading back to work

My sweet baby is 3 months old!

The day I have been dreading since my Little was born is finally upon me and I honestly don't know how I'll make it through without crying. For the last 2 weeks I've been beside myself worrying over the daycare we signed him up at, about the women that will be taking care of him, and that he'll be lost in the sea of other children (not really, he's in a group of 5-6 babies). I cried nearly every day and counted down the hours till drop off. "Killing me" is an absolute understatement, but I know he'll be fine. I know he'll be fine. I know he'll be fine. ::sniffle::

Lucky for me, we found a daycare that is right across the street from my office, so I'll be able to pop over and see him whenever I want and can spend my breaks breastfeeding and playing with him. I'm hoping that this set up will keep me from completely losing it at any given moment during the day. Besides leaving my Little in the care of virtual strangers, I'm going to be walking back into a madhouse. Since I went on maternity leave half the people in my group were laid off. So I'll be doing the work of at least 4 people! Ugh! And I'm not even going to let myself think about what's coming in a couple of months... more lay offs and how fun it will be when I'm only one of TWO people in the "group". Kill me now please.


Rachel H. said...

Keep us updated and hope the transition back to the office goes well!!

Jenifer said...

When I left Ian to go back to work this past March (he was 3 months old) I thought it would tear me apart. But I found suprisingly, that I was happy back at work. I was in a routine, I had breaks for myself, I could eat lunch, I could even go to the bathroom and not worry about how long it would take me and if Ian would be ok without me for those few mins! You will do fine. I have been back to work 6 months now and I dread it with each weekend I have with him but I compromised with work and I get off early to spend time with him in the afternoons. I know you can do this, because I did. And every other female I know has been able to do it too. Trust me I cried everyday leading up to daycare but I didnt cry once he was actually there. And I saw how happy he is with the other kids (2 other babies) and 4 older kids. He thrives at daycare, he has friends, he grows more and more each day because of it. I am so happy with how he has done without me (it makes me sad when I think about it but I know daycare is what we have to do). You both will be fine. I promise.