Friday, September 18, 2009

I Survived!

Quick recap of my first week back at work, which wasn’t as bad as I feared, but still sucked:

The only day I full-on cried when dropping off my sweet baby. It was so hard to give him up that first day. I’ve gotten better with it, but my eyes still get teary when I hand him over.

I actually don’t remember much of what happened on Tuesday. Aliens must’ve abducted me and erased my memory of the day.

Little stayed at home with his Daddy. It was their first full day alone together and they did great! This was the only day I had to pump at work. It actually wasn’t too bad; there’s a private room with a recliner that I can use. Now if there was a TV in there, it would be the perfect set up!

Little laughed for the first time! Other stuff happened, but I can't think of anything worth posting after that!

Today seems to be a screw-around-at-work day; there’s a potluck scheduled for lunch and a decorated cube contest (football theme), so instead of working, everyone is running around with streamers, banners and balloons!

Little and I are doing really well with our three feedings a day (while at work), and I’ve managed to increase my supply enough to get a good pumping session done in the evening. I have to send a bottle with him in the morning because he’s usually hungry when I drop him off. I don’t think he’s had to supplement all week. I am so proud of my boobs right now, they’ve finally caught up to his demands (took long enough)!


Rachel H. said...

Sounds like everything is going great!!! So glad to hear!

Carly said...

sounds like while not ideal it's going well and you are so lucky to see him to nurse during the day!