Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TAM post

I was tagged by both Mrs. Foreste and Leenie to do a TAM post. So here are five things that make me a Truly Authentic Mom:

1. Little Man's diaper bag is filled with stuff that he MIGHT need; a paci (which he's never used), an extra package of wipes (in addition to the travel container I fill every day), two extra sets of clothes (because he once had two blowouts in one day), his hair brush (don't really know why), nail clippers, two blankets, and a few toys. Ok, the toys he needs pretty much all the time, but what is with everything else?

2. I'm obsessed with making him "smell like a baby". I can't stand it when he smells like spit up or poo; he has a bath every night and I always use the Johnson's baby lotion 'cause that's my idea of how babies should smell.

3. Every article of clothing I buy now has to meet three baby-related requirements:
a ) It has to be baby friendly... as in NOT dry clean only.
b ) Feeding friendly. I buy a lot of button up tops these days.
c ) Soft... 'cause I don't want my baby's precious cheek resting against something that isn't a soft as a cloud.

4. I feel sooooooooo guilty after drinking even one glass of wine. I know it's only one glass, and its only 6% alcohol, but it seems really indulgent to me. And semi-irresponsible because I'm BFing. (Yes, I know I'm completely irrational)

5. I take everything so damn seriously now! I used to have a sense of humor, but ever since this little guy came along, I take everything literally. It sucks, I can't take a freaking joke anymore.