Friday, August 9, 2013

NT Scan!!!

I had a panic attack on Wednesday night. I was editing our announcement video and watching Friends, so my stress level should have been pretty minimal, but the next thing I know, my heart is racing and I'm sobbing hysterically. I have no idea what brought it on and it ended pretty quickly. I must've been more worried about the scan than I thought. I haven't had one in over seven years, so I'm hoping this was just a weirdo thing that happened. Not exactly a fan...

I really wanted to take a short video of the little one moving around, but the tech wouldn't let me :( Oh wells. The ultrasound went great, everything is just as it should be. The NT measurement was 2.1mm (anything under 3 is good), so the risk for Down's is extremely low. The placenta is in a good spot, so no worries there. The heartbeat was plugging away at 167bpm and growth is measuring exactly on time, so they didn't move my due date. I'll have to wait till next week for the blood work results, but I'm not worried about it.

It was so fun to be able to watch the LO on screen for so long. After feeling like absolute crap in weeks 7 and 8, my symptoms disappeared. I was a little worried that something might be wrong, but it looks like I'm being blessed with another easy pregnancy. The only real complaints I have now are RLP when I stand too quickly or sneeze and being tired despite the hefty amount of sleep I get. LO was bucking and rolling and having a nice little dance party; it's crazy to think there's that much movement going on and I feel nothing...

Waving hello

The tech asked if we wanted her to guess the sex. Hells yeah! She thinks we're having another boy! We're waiting until the anatomy scan before we pick paint colors, but that seems a little obvious to me. I guess we'll see if she was right in 8 weeks!

Between the legs from underneath.
The white arrow is pointing to what she was looking at.

After the ultrasound, I had a follow up with one of the midwives and asked her about the panic attack. She said that unless they're happening frequently, there's nothing to worry about. We spent 10 minutes with her and then ventured down the hall to the lab for yet another blood draw. Fun.

I told my grandma when we got home from the appointment. She cannot keep a secret so I didn't want to tell her too early and have her running around announcing it to the world before we were ready. When I showed her the u/s pic, she thought she was looking at my sisters'. Her face when I told her it was MINE was hilarious! Now that she knows I have two problems: 1.) She's crazy superstitious and believes pretty much every old wives' tale there is. I'm bracing myself for the next six months with her. I already got a side eye for the tiny cup of coffee I had this morning. I get the feeling that the smile-and-nod will be getting a lot of use. 2.) She's known since 6:00 o'clock yesterday and has already rubbed my belly half a dozen times. I don't like when anyone other than MyLovf touches my stomach, but if I ask her not to she'll get super offended and play victim and try to make me feel guilty about it. The best I can do is avoid situations where she would have access.

This is how I feel because I can't say anything.

And finally: I posted the announcement video on FB late last night. I never realized how difficult it would be just to pick the right music! I don't think I'll be doing any more videos. I would like to post it here because I am proud of it, but it has our last name in it, so sorry! You'll have to make due with the banner instead.