Monday, September 23, 2013

Mah Berfday!

As expected, my parents didn't make the same big deal out of my birthday as they did my brother's, but MyLovf made sure I still had a pretty great day (well, weekend).

My mom made me breakfast and we headed out to hit my favorite antique shops. I didn't find anything I wanted to buy, but I really liked walking around and looking at everything. It would've been way more fun if LM hadn't needed to touch every.single.thing in, but such is the nature of a 4 year old. They took us out for a late lunch/early dinner and we all shared a giant boat of sushi. Yum. Our waitress was awesome. She kept bringing me free stuff because it was my birthday. I left there feeling like a stuffed turkey!

Once the sun went down, we all went to Scottsdale to check out a car show. Not exactly what I had in mind for my birthday, but I didn't want to make plans for myself and no one else had any other ideas. So off to the car show I went. We walked around A LOT and then MyLovf wanted to take me to the movies so we sent LM home with my parents. We ended up not going because the showings were all super late and I was getting pretty tired.

On Sunday my honey took me to Olive Garden for dinner and gave me a new Nook HD! Feeling pretty blessed overall :)


Kassie said...

Hope your day was beautiful love!