Wednesday, January 22, 2014

36 Weeks: Almost Done!

And that's in more ways than one.

I put this one off on purpose because I've been trying to work through some stuff. It's not really worked through, but I figured I'd post anyway. It always makes me feel better.

I have to go back and see how I was feeling at this point with Little Man, because oh.mah.gah I am so flippin' uncomfortable right now! Everything hurts. Getting into my car takes twice as long because I'm moving at the pace of a little old lady recovering from hip surgery. And forget about walking for extended periods. Ugh. Add crazy emotions to the physical pain and I'm just a bundle of awesome *note sarcasm*. It was so bad this morning that I actually cried for no good reason. My poor Honey was at a loss; here I am all gigantic and crying and he has to leave for work. I had to pull myself together so he could go and broke down again after he left. He has been so great these last couple weeks; he's been giving me back massages and rubbing my aching feet and trying to navigate my craziness. I think I'm really hitting that wall, but still wanting to make it to at least two more weeks. I don't want a repeat experience with the hospital that I had with LM where most of the crap stemmed from him being "barely" full term at 37 weeks exactly.

My mom decided that my sister needed her help more than I do at this point and flew to CO to be with her for two weeks. Her H has mandatory training for his job and is in Boston until next Saturday. Add to that, the daycare on campus doesn't take babies younger than six weeks and the grant she was awarded doesn't allow for her to take a semester off. I don't know why her MIL (who she supposedly loves to death and lives a mere 15 minutes away) couldn't help her, but that's irrelevant now. It's a big ball of WTF. Thankfully, my dad is home, so if shit does go down we have someone to watch after LM. I still can't help feeling abandoned by her though. I have this little needling thought in the back of my head that she's punishing me for not allowing her into my delivery room by placing my sister's pregnancy/baby over mine. Oh well, at least if I go into labor while she's gone, I won't have to worry about her trying to break into my delivery room.

Weekly Survey

  • How far along?: 36 Weeks
  • Total weight gain: 159: starting weight was 126.
  • How big is baby?: Baby is now about six pounds and 20 inches long.
  • Maternity clothes?: There is actually some maternity clothes that don't fit me anymore! Why on Earth do maternity blouses that don't cover the belly through the entire pregnancy even exist? So annoying.
  • Sleep?: Still having trouble sleeping and it only seems to be better on the nights when MyLovf and I... um... yeah. Unfortunately that can't happen every night. Sucks. I could use good sleep every night.
  • Best moment this week/Milestones?: My last bi-weekly appointment was on Monday and everything health wise was perfect (heart rate at 148). I had a sneaking suspicion that LO had moved from being head down and had my midwife confirm that he was lying transverse. A few days ago I felt some crazy big movements and then started feeling hiccups and stuff on my right side instead of down low where they had been for the last few weeks and kicks on my left side. I watched a couple Spinning Babies videos and tried a few things. I think something happened because the kicks are now more toward the top middle. I'm crossing my fingers that the u/s scheduled for next Wednesday to check positioning shows that he's moved back to head down, otherwise it'll be a c-section for me. Oh yeah, also, WEEKLY APPOINTMENTS. And there is now an infant car seat base strapped in to my car. Shit just got real y'all! I should really pack my hospital bag...
  • Movement: Still going strong and starting to regulate a little bit? Maybe? I have certain times now where I can expect him to be more active. One of those falls at 4:00am. Yaaaaayyy!
  • Food cravings?: Nothing in particular right now.
  • Belly button in or out?: Still flat and the linea can kiss my ass.
  • What I miss: Wine! OMG I'm going to have a giant glass right after I deliver! LOL *not really*
  • What I'm looking forward to: Right now I'm focused on getting us to 38 weeks, but I am so on the verge of DONE.
  • Developments: Baby's skull isn't the only soft structure in his little body. Most of his bones and cartilage are quite soft as well (they'll harden over the first few years of life) - allowing for an easier journey as your baby squeezes through the birth canal at delivery (and less prodding and poking for Mom along the way). At 36 weeks pregnant, the skull bones are also not fused together yet so that the head can easily (well, relatively easily) maneuver through the birth canal. By now, many of his systems are pretty mature, at least in baby terms - and just about ready for life on the outside. Blood circulation, for instance, has been perfected and his immune system has matured enough to protect him from infections outside the womb. Other systems, however, still need a few finishing touches. Once such notable example: digestion - which actually won't be fully mature until sometime after birth. Why's that? Inside his little gestational cocoon, your baby has relied on the umbilical cord for nutrition, meaning that the digestive system - though developed - hasn't been operational. So he will take the first year or two to bring that system up to speed.
Belly Pic!

Random rant to the world: Stop trying to grab on pregnant women you don't know! It's beyond weird and inappropriate! I obviously need to work on my RBF because people I don't know keep asking to touch my belly and then get super offended when I say no and quickly walk away. How is it in any way appropriate? I just don't understand. And for the lady behind me in line at the grocery store the other day who reached for it without asking at all? You're lucky there was a cart separating us, otherwise, instead of the WTF look I gave you, you might've gotten smacked.