Monday, January 13, 2014

Ticker Change Day: 35 Weeks

Holy crap, am I actually posting something on time? Unheard of lately ;)

I am 35 weeks today and have 35 days left till my due date! I am also happy to announce that my BFF gave birth to her third child on the 8th. A girl! I'm now up to three nephews and two nieces, both as an official and an honorary auntie. I can't wait to meet the newest squishes, which will hopefully be in July. My baby brother is tentatively scheduled for some leave around the 4th, so we're working on getting the entire family together while he's home.

So blessed :)

As much as I am looking forward to having this little guy here, I'm getting sad that it's almost over. I have absolutely loved being pregnant and will really miss it when it's done. We have pretty much everything ready for when he gets here, but are still missing the receiving blankets and burp cloths. The guys have been out to storage looking for them, but they seem to have disappeared. I might have to drag my butt out there to see if I can lend a hand (at least to see if I can spot the correct box), otherwise we're gonna need to pick up some more. I did see a bunch of the hospital type blankets at Goodwill the last time we went. They were like a dollar a piece, so I wouldn't feel too bad about replacing the ones we can't find.

Weekly Survey
  • How far along?: 35 Weeks
  • Total weight gain: 155: starting weight was 126.
  • How big is baby?: The size of a coconut. The midwife says he'll probably be about as big as LM when he was born.
  • Maternity clothes?: Yep
  • Sleep?: Insomnia! OMG I've never had this much trouble falling asleep. I was seriously spoiled before this and it's really not helping with the all day exhaustion :(
  • Best moment this week/Milestones?: After being largely neglected the last eight and a half months, my mom took me for a mani/pedi yesterday. Man, did I need it! Our last baby appointment was on the 7th. Tiny guy's heart beat was at 155 and the midwife said I'm measuring about a week behind. She wasn't concerned about it though, she figures I just have smaller babies.
  • Movement: Despite the lack of room, this tiny guy has been giving mama lessons in belly dancing. He's getting his wiggle on right now, in fact. LOL
  • Food cravings?: The season of Conversation Hearts has begun and I could not be more thrilled! I look forward to them all year and have been eating my weight in their sugary, chalky goodness since I finally found them at Walmart last week :)
  • Belly button in or out?: Still flat and the linea is still an asshole.
  • What I miss: Other than motivation, drive, and energy... um... nothing. I cannot seem to talk myself off of the couch.
  • What I'm looking forward to: Birth! Is that weird? I'm actually really looking forward to labor.
  • Developments: While he won't get much longer, he will continue to pack on the pounds — including large amounts of baby fat - right up 'til delivery day. Something else that's moving at a mind-boggling pace these day: fetal brain development! There’s a lot going on inside that tiny head, which is, by the way, still soft to allow an easier exit through the birth canal.
Belly Pic!

LOL I guess I can't post on time, but I am giving myself props for at least starting the post on Ticker Change Day :)