Monday, July 28, 2008

The dreaded "R" word...

And DH said it! Arrrggghhh!

The company I work for got bought out by a competitor and none of us know for sure if we'll have jobs when all is said and done. I've interviewed with the people from the other company and feel pretty confident that I'll be ok, but you just never know...ya know? This, obviously, is causing me much stress and worry and I've noticed lately that I've been losing more hair than usual and told DH about it. His response?

"You just need to RELAX about this baby thing. You're making yourself crazy."

My answer: "Who said anything about babies?"


Andrea said...

Your chart is looking really good! My husband says "relax" to me too...all the time.

Buddy :) said...

Just relax?!?! Ugh those words make me wince.