Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Cousin

My uncle's girlfriend had a baby boy over Father's Day weekend. Welcome Baby! Welcome to the Lifetime drama that will be your life. This poor kid has been born into a soap opera of gargantuan proportions; it's really not fair. It's too complicated to go into detail (I could never do it justice anyway), but the jist of it is:

My uncle is still married.

Yep, he's married and has a daughter, and now he's got a Baby Mama and a son. The situation is bad enough, but the woman he's married to is crazy. She's a gold-digging, lying, self-centered bitch (I kind of understand why he cheated on her) and the whole family warned him off of her when they first got together. But hell, what do they know anyway? Neither of them is the victim in this relationship, she never even attempted to keep him happy after she trapped him into marriage by getting pregnant. Which brings up an irony; his wife had the gaul to call the other woman a whore and her son a bastard because she got pregnant out of wedlock... um, Pot, meet Kettle. But I digress. This thing puts the whole family in a predicament. On one hand, we still have to keep his wife and daughter in our lives and love them (well, at least love the daughter), but now we're also forced to accept this new woman and her kid because they're family too. Awkward to say the least. And of course, we're traitors in the wife's eyes because we're not shunning them.

I'm not even sure if there's a point to this post, I just needed to get it out of my system.


Andrea said...

Everyone needs to complain about family sometimes! That does sound like a lot of drama. And it's always hard when unplanned pregnancies occur within the family, especially when you are wanting a baby so bad.

Molly said...

Wow-- just wow! ;)