Monday, July 21, 2008

What do you mean it's DISGUSTING?

Ok, I get that what goes on in the female body is a bit of a mystery to guys, and I guess some of it can be gross, but do you really have to tell me that it's disgusting?

I was trying to explain to DH about CM the other night (because he asked!) and he kept saying over and over how disgusting it was. Um, excuse me, but it never seemed to bother you before you knew what it was! He even asked that I tell him when "it gets all stretchy" so that he can stay out of the area. Sorry babe, but that would be counter-productive to our ultimate goal. Why does he ask if he doesn't want to know? And truth be told, I was a little hurt that he would say what my body does naturally is disgusting.


Ro said...


Boys will be boys. Sorry YH is acting like a teenager. Our bodies, and what they do, are beautiful and amazing!!

((hugs)) from Wed