Thursday, April 23, 2009

30 weeks!

Weekly Survey

  • How far along?: 30 weeks
  • Total weight gain: I think I'll just update this every other week since I now have biweekly appts and they always weigh me
  • How big is baby?: Approx 3 pounds
  • Maternity clothes?: Yep
  • Stretch marks?: Nope
  • Sleep?: It's ok; not waking up as rested as I want to be.
  • Best moment this week?: This week was pretty crappy, but I do enjoy watching the Lakers beat up on the Jazz : )
  • Movement?: All day long, I'm not even needing to do kick counts.
  • Food cravings?: I want everything
  • Labor signs?: I've had a few Braxton Hicks, but nothing timeable or painful.
  • Belly button in or out?: Same as last week
  • What I miss: SEX!
  • What I'm looking forward to: Newborn Care class next Wednesday
  • Milestone: Getting punched in the cervix (I'm 80% sure he's head down already). Boy, does that hurt!
I had the pleasure of my first dream-gasm last night! Well... I don't know if it registered outside my dream, but it was very nice! I wonder if that would be enough to convince my doc to release me off of pelvic rest? I mean, if my ute didn't react negatively to the dream-gasm (assuming it did register IRL), then it probably wouldn't react to a real-gasm... right? RIGHT?! Damn, I need to get laid. It's seriously all I think about. I'm like a teenage boy. Naughty thoughts are even invading while I read my Bradley books. Yep, child birthing books are turning me on now; how sad is that? They're not even the ones with pictures ::giggle:: DH is skeptical that dream-gasms are even real, but I don't need him to believe in their existence for me to have them, I just hope they become a frequent occurrence ; )

It dawned on me last week that it had been a little over three years since I held a newborn, and like... 15 years since I changed a diaper. Forget feeding and burping and soothing, etc. I started to panic. DH has even less experience with babies than I do. How did we manage to get this far through the pregnancy without noticing that neither of us know what to do with such a tiny person? So I signed DH and I up for a Newborn Care class at the hospital. Even knowing that we'll learn a lot from the class, I still feel like we're walking into this totally unprepared. After voicing my concerns to my mother, she (not so) jokingly suggested that we move in with them for the first few weeks. Because THAT would really aid us in our transition. I lovf my mother... but really? Where does she get these ideas from? I'd be more than hesitant to have her live with us for the first few weeks, never mind relocating our entire family to my parents' house. DH and I are pretty private people, we wouldn't be comfortable with either of those scenarios. And she oughta know us well enough by now to know that.

On another note. I decided that I have to have professional maternity photos. Because... you know... we can totally afford them and everything. I've been going through website after website ooing and ahhing over the beautiful pics and now I think I may just die (picture dramatic clutching of chest) if I don't get some of my own. Why are the good photographers so darned expensive? DH would probably give in and let me get them, but I'm sure I'd hear about the cost of them later on down the line when we can't make our mortgage payment. Hey! Maybe we'd get a bailout too! ::sigh:: Yeah right.

I guess that's all for this week.


Anonymous said...

Haha! I am loving your sex talk, so funny!!!!

All the mom stuff will become normal and like 2nd nature. I remember the first time I changed Natalie's clothes at the hospital, she was so tiny! Now, I just whip right through it. You'll be great!!! :)

Ashmommy said...

hey i tagged you in my blog... check it out

flojat said...

Why don't you contact the photography dept. at a local college and tell them you want maternity pics done. You could ask to see some portfolios of their top students who would be interested and could offer a ridiculously low sitting fee. They would be thrilled to get the experience, and you wouldn't have to pay a huge amount! : )

Sarah said...

Your belly is so freaking cute!