Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little Monkey lovfs peas!

Only a couple of days late!

Here's my Little in his Halloween costume. We didn't trick-or-treat, we just went over to my parents' house and hung out.

Here he is playing with his candy bucket!

Happy little monkey : )

Oh yes... I was a giant banana. LMAO

Little got his first taste of peas on Halloween night. He LOVFED them! I was so surprised when he ate the entire jar!

He tried sweet potatoes the week before, but didn't like them as much. We had to throw most of that jar away. Next week... pears!


Rachel H. said...

So cute!! I love the outfit! :)

Mama Manica said...

Love ths costumes and that's great that he's doing well with baby food. We're starting with Gabriella on Saturday!

Audrey said...

He is so smiley with those peas! I lovf him!!!