Monday, November 2, 2009

Nursing Strike

Forth day in. Negotiations are in progress...

Little seems to do fine in the evenings and at night, but for some reason, he absolutely refuses to nurse during the day. I cover him up to minimize visual distractions and we're always somewhere quiet. He pulls off and fusses until I put the boob away. Once he's uncovered and standing, he's all smiles again. I just don't know what to do. I would hate to have to skip visits to the daycare in favor of pumping at the office, but I'm afraid for my supply. It took so long and was so hard to build!

If any of my faithful readers have any suggestions on how to get him to nurse, I would be most obliged. Otherwise, I'm going to have to cut back to one visit per day and spend my other two breaks pumping. That would SUCK. But again, I'm remiss to mess with my barely-covering-it supply, so I guess I'll do it if I have to. : (


E said...

Check out Kellymom

Rachel H. said...

I have no suggestions, as I haven't been through this year, but I'm thinking of you and hope it works out! :)