Thursday, February 19, 2009

21 weeks!

Y'all got a pretty good post yesterday (I think), but I couldn't just let my weekly milestone pass me by!

I texted all of our friends to let them know the news and I get into an exchange with one of our really good guy friends. He wanted to know when we're due, where we're registered, and when the shower will be. Well, no one has really offered to throw it yet. **Of course, it's kind of early so I'm still holding out hope.** Get this... he offered to throw it for us!! Unless one of my girlfriends or family members offeres later; in which case, he's really hoping that it'll be co-ed. This is one of those macho, perpetually single (but always has some random chick on his arm), party animal type of guys, so it's an understatement to say that I was surprised. He's totally excited for this baby, and that makes my heart happy!

MyLovf took me out to celebrate our little boy last night. Oh, how I lovf Olive Garden. I got to wear my cute new polka-dot dress and favorite peep-toe heels! I looked rockin' if I do say so myself ; )

I was really surprised at how packed it was for a Wednesday night. I got my first stranger comment there too. The waitress came by to see if we were done with our appetizer, but there was one bruschetta piece left and I told her we weren't done and reached for the piece at the same time. She kind of smiled and said, "Gotta let mama eat!" Normally, such a comment would be met with a blank stare, but instead I started cracking up. Then, DH added "Yeah, better watch your fingers!" And I died. It was the most hilarious thing I'd ever heard. NOTHING could get me down or annoyed yesterday. It was just the best day ever!

Cramp update: They're gone! Hallelujah!

And... the 21 week belleh


Marijana said...

AH! You are too cute!

Mrs.F said...

Holy crap your belly is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Over half way there :)

Sarah said...

So cute that your male friend wants to throw you a shower!

Congrats babe, you look gorgeous.

Molly said...

You've got a great group of friends...and yeah, better let momma eat! lol

Courtney said...

mmmmmm Olive Garden....sounds wonderful!