Monday, February 16, 2009

Cramp Update

I took the day off Friday and had a follow up with my doc, who said pretty much the same thing that the OB nurse said. Normal cramping and that I don't have anything to worry about as long as I'm not spotting too (which I'm not). DH thinks it's Braxton Hicks, but never having experienced anything like this before, I really have no idea if he's correct.

I am following doctor's orders and trying to take it easy, but it doesn't seem to be helping much; it's still very painful. Friday I lay on the couch with my feet up and soon discovered that this position only made the cramping worse. So I parked my butt in my new rocker/recliner with the heating pad on my back and didn't leave that spot till about noon Saturday, I even spent the night there. I only got up to pee and get snacks. Yesterday was better, although they started coming back while we were watching the All-Star game on TV. Dummy that I am, I tried laying down again to go to sleep. Didn't work so well. I was in and out of sleep till about 3 o'clock in the morning, at which point I curled my Snoogle into a ball and used it to prop me up into an almost sitting position. Then I had to battle with a snoring DH and a snoring wiener dog to get to sleep. Fun times. I decided to come in to the office today, even though I'm tired as hell and feel like crap. I'd never noticed before just how bumpy and uneven the roads are! Every little jiggle hurt the belly! Now I'm tired, cranky, AND in pain. Not a good combo for the bitches that work on my floor. **Working with numbers all day must do something to people. Almost every chick in my department is a jerk. Makes for a great working environment, lemme tell ya.**

Did I mention that I'm on pelvic rest? Oh I did. But did I mention that it's until I'm term at 36 weeks? That's 16 freakin' weeks! I about cried when doc told me that; I kept asking if he was suuuure I had to wait that long. Yep, he was sure. Total.devastation. Even having to be on top all the time (which is not my favorite position), I lovf me some sex; I'm a horndog. There is a very real possibility that I will go completely insane. No sex, no booby-play, no deep kissing ::sigh:: And having a sexy DH walking around in nothing but his ta-ran-ta-rans does not help matters at all!


Molly said...

You absolutely crack me up! I'm glad that everything is okay with the cramping and hope the pain subsides soon. Good luck with that pelvic rest too-- that stinks!

Anonymous said...

Bah ha ha! You funny lady! I didn't get the ok to have sex til 1/14/09; Natalie was born on 11/8/08. I didn't heal right from the tearing. Then I was scared, and then I had the marathon period, so it was a long time after baby. Hang in there!