Thursday, February 12, 2009

Half way done!

And I think I'm having my first official pregnancy-related panic attack, so excuse me for a second. WTH did we get ourselves into!? I'd be lying my ass off if I didn't say that although we talked about at length, tried for, and want this baby so much, I am terrified of what the future will bring. How can I be so totally responsible for someone elses' life?! To have someone else completely dependent on me!? OMG! ::hyperventilating::

I have total faith that we'll be fine and that DH and I can handle this, but looking forward from where we are now, it just seems like it's impossible!

Ok, time to get a grip and breathe!

Whew... I think I'm better now... let's go on...

BabyLovf is kicking harder. DH feels him/her regularly now. He's the only one IRL that knows that the kicks can be felt from the outside. My family has become very handsy, so if they knew about it, I'm sure there would be a hand permanently attached to the belly And since the kicks are all pretty low, I'm sure that would be really awkward. I'd like to keep this just between the two of us for a little while longer.

DH found out that Target had our crib back in stock (and on sale!) so we went on Saturday to pick it up. Then on Monday, while perusing Craigslist for a rocker/recliner and other baby related items; I find what?...yep, you guessed it... our crib! For $40 less than what we paid at the store! Well, of course we can't just let a deal like that pass, so off we go to look at it, and it's still in the box, brand spankin' new! I don't know why the lady never used it, I didn't want to ask; we just paid her for it and left. We took the Target one back the next day, luckily, we'd decided not to put it together until after we got the nursery painted, so it was no problem taking it back. We also picked up a rocker/recliner for $75! It's really nice, only one little tear at the top corner where it probably hit a wall or something, but other than that, is in great condition. It's so comfortable too! I predict many hours of rocking BabyLovf in this chair : )

I find it funny that I'm now having to take the ever expanding belly into account before I move. When I sit down or stand up, I have to make sure my legs are positioned just so. When DH hugs me, he has to bend funny to avoid squishing BabyLovf. I can't just turn around, I have to do it slowly so I don't trip over my own feet. I can just imagine how it'll be when I get bigger! Jeez.

I was having some pretty crappy sleep and had been telling DH about the raves I've read about the Snoogle, so he bought it for me! Let me tell you though, it's not just something you can jump into using. Evidently, it takes a bit of getting used to. The first morning, I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. I was sore and achy, my back hurt and my neck was stiff; not exactly living up to my expectations... The next morning was better, but I did have to wake up at 2 in the morning to turn over. You can't just do that either. So it is getting progressively better; I've given it a week to become fabulous or else I'm taking it back, but at this point I can see that I just might end up keeping it.

Our BIG u/s is next week! I don't know how I'll make it to Wednesday! We're taking the whole day off for it! After the disappointment at the last appt, I'm now doubly anxious for this one. I can't wait to see if my "maternal instincts" are correct. I've thought boy since day one, but DH is convinced that BabyLovf is a girl. I've added a poll to the right side column if you care to venture a guess. I wanted to have the tech put the sex in an envelope to be opened at our belated Valentine's Day dinner, but DH was adamant that he wanted to see it on screen. How can I deny him that? He asks for so little. And he's cute, so he'll be getting his way this time ; )

That's all for now.

Behold, the belly:


Rsgrl said...

Your bump is so adorable and you look absolutely beautiful! I'm excited to hear what sex BabyLovf is - I guessed girl.

Leannabanna said...

Aw - Lovf, you look so good! I am glad everything is OK with you and the baby ( After reading part 2 ) Keep us updated on the appt - I guess boy!