Monday, May 27, 2013

The "After Party" **UPDATE**

*Tired sigh*
I made it through the party with all my limbs and most of my sanity intact.

There were some early morning annoyances, but the party itself went off without a hitch. Awesomesauce! Little Man had a blast despite cousin trying to take his new toys away and, of course, we had way too much food. Should make for some excellent breakfast in the morning!


MyLovf carved a watermelon pirate fruit ship!

 Masterpiece :)

Little Man with his presents. He was not happy that most of the bags contained clothes. Mama, on the other hand, was thrilled!

Mom and Daddy came through for him, though. We bought him Bucky!

After presents, we sang him Happy Birthday. He was so freaking cute! He got all embarrassed and tried to hide. When people stopped paying attention to him, he helped to hand out the cupcakes.

Mama-made cupcake toppers.

I really should have taken a picture of it before I completely flipped my shit... but an hour after the party ended, I found him bare-assed naked in the tub with Bucky in the water next to him. Yeah. It is NOT a water toy. It has electronics that may or may not work any longer. I still cannot believe that a room full of people didn't hear the bath water running! He has taken his ninja shenanigans to a whole new level. I have a strong suspicion that cousin put him up to it even though I have no definitive proof. I really don't think that he could've come up with that plan on his own. **The tattling didn't exactly absolve cousin either, especially considering he was in there the whole time and I watched him shut the bathroom door quietly after himself before he ran over to me**

What's super funny (read: ironic) is that when we were checking out, the cashier asked us if we wanted to purchase the two-year replacement plan for $5. "Oh, no thanks, we should be ok."

They know what's up.

I'm still hoping that it'll dry out and work again. Please, oh please, oh please! Later while we were cleaning up, I dropped a half full container of Greek yogurt on the floor.

And then mommy took a time out. There might have been tequila involved.

TTC: Stupid A/C screwed with temping on CDs 10 and 12. We usually have it set pretty high to save money, but since the house if full of people, my dad turned it down 5 degrees cooler than normal. My damn chart looks like a mountain range. If there is a cycle #3, I think I'll switch to vaginal temping.


**UPDATE: It works! It works! Yay!**