Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Long vent post. TL;DR at the end

I have been looking forward to my sister visiting for weeks now. Weeks! I was so excited that she was coming...

And now she's here.

The past 24 hours have been a giant pile of annoying.

She texted me somewhere between Flagstaff and Phoenix:
Her: "Going 5mph in a 65... Can you check the traffic for us? See WTF is happening."
Me: "You have an I-phone..."

Then she called:
Her: "We're 40 minutes away and we're hungry. Can you go get us some In N' Out and have it waiting for us when we get there?"
Me: "There's an In N' Out right off the freeway, you'll hit the exit ramp in about 10 minutes. The closest one to me is 20 minutes away, so it would take 40 minutes regardless of who buys it. Plus I'm already in my pajamas. So, no."
That conversation went on till her hubby actually pulled off the freeway to go to the In N' Out. She literally whined for 10 freaking minutes about how I was so mean for not leaping up excitedly to go get food for her.

Earlier in the day, I was talking to my mom about how we would handle introducing their dog to ours and worried how mine would react to having a big, strange dog running around our house. My mom basically told me that I had to be "hospitable" and put my dogs outside so her dog could stay in the house. Fuck that shit. My dogs LIVE here and temperatures are starting to climb into the triple digits. She didn't HAVE to bring Wilbur at all. My dogs are not going to be penalized in any which way. Mom didn't care to continue the conversation and we ended it with mutual bitch faces.

So they get here and before she even says hello, my mother is hugging on and kissing her stomach and saying hi to the raspberry sized baby with no ears... "Oh my god, mother! I told you that was weird with I was pregnant with Little Man; it's still weird!" Sister agreed and tried to wriggle away from her. Mom got all offended, put on her best wounded puppy look, and vowed to never EVER touch her stomach again! If it was me, I would've been relieved and left it like that, but my sister had to assure her that it was her own weird hang up and had nothing to do with my mom. She'll probably cave before they leave for home and let my mom hang all over her midsection. Then I'll really be the bitchy daughter for not allowing any uninvited contact with my pelvis.

They were in our house all of two minutes and turned Wilbur loose to explore his new environment (which is whatever, that's what dogs do), but dogs are not allowed upstairs at all or on the carpeted areas of the downstairs. Do those rules apply to Wilbur? Apparently not. I had to chase him out of our room repeatedly and they kicked my Biddle out while I was in the shower because she was barking at him. I panicked when I couldn't find her (she usually waits next to the door for me to come out) and didn't have anyone to yell at because they'd all gone to bed.

This morning we decided to get Biddle and Wilbur back together and properly introduced. Biddle is a dachshund, and Wilbur is a Chinese Shar Pei, so he's got probably 40 pounds on her. They started out ok, but then he scared her and she snapped at him and tried to chase him away. My sister freaked out and HIT Biddle for defending herself! Then she starts screaming at me and trying to rationalize why she shouldn't be scared. Hello!? She's a dog! You can't reason with an animal! She felt threatened and nipped him; she didn't even break the skin. "Don't fucking hit my dog again!" She came back later and apologized for hitting her, but didn't do anything to help minimize possible flare ups, instead she put Wilbur's food out where Biddle could reach it and then got pissed when she *gasp* ate some!

I get the distinct feeling that she thinks she's on vacation and I'm the hired help. She spent the whole morning and most of the afternoon (when she wasn't yelling at Biddle) laying on the couch and watching Deadliest Catch. She ate three bowls of Lucky Charms from three different bowls and didn't wash any of them, moved the furniture around so she could have a table next to her, and then took off with her H and Wilbur to go get lunch at In N' Out again without bothering to ask if LM and I wanted to come along or fixing the furniture. I can't stand to have the house a mess, so I ended up washing her dishes and righting the living room. No acknowledgment and no apology.

As I was starting to get dinner together, instead of offering to help, they decided to walk Wilbur over to the park. LM heard them and asked if he could go along. "Only if your mommy comes too!" Yeah, don't bother doing my any favors. I couldn't go because I was making dinner, and she didn't want to take him because she didn't know him that well... *reference Blair again* A few minutes after they left, she called to find out where the closest ice cream place was. Again, no invitation and no offer to bring a treat back for LM. I really don't think I'm wrong in feeling slighted. That is so rude!

When my parents came home I had to vent. Why am I surprised that my mom admonished me for not being a "good sister". Why do I have to be a "good sister" and she gets to be a brat? UGH!

After dinner clean up, I was in the kitchen and I heard my dad's dog, Lily (another dachshund), screaming bloody murder from the garage. I run out there and find her with her foot caught in the doggy door that leads in from the outside. I bend down and try to help her and she bites my arm! I had to grab her neck to keep her from doing it again. She had somehow gotten a back toenail stuck in the little latch on the bottom of the door. She's ok, but man, REALLY?

I am so happy this suckfest of a day is over and I really, really wish that MyLovf wasn't so tired when he got home. I need stress relief sex.

TL;DR: I was super excited to have my sister here for a week. It's been one day and the visit is already pissing me off. I don't like her dog, she's acting like a princess, and she has no consideration for others. My dad's dog bit me. MyLovf wouldn't give me the kind of hug that turns into sex.

TTC: CD14 today. Wonky A/C temps are confusing me. May have O'd on either CD10 or 12. Either way, I think our timing was good. Crossing my fingers!

If you made it this far, your reward is this nifty gif that I found while searching for Blair. It makes me gigglesnort.

Fertile thoughts, please! Bahahaha! 

WTF? Now I'm phantom smelling popcorn! WANT!


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