Saturday, May 25, 2013

Next Year

Can someone please remind me how much I dislike having my house full of people?

I am naturally an introvert, so I do not understand my own compulsion to invite a bunch of people over to my house for any kind of event (even something as awesome as celebrating LM's birthday). There are currently 8 more people under my roof than usual and they're all OOT overnight guests who will be here all weekend. Yaaaaaayy... *note lack of enthusiasm*

I am happy that both my little brothers, SIL, and niece are here, and I super happy that my grandma and grandpa came out when they originally said they wouldn't be able to. I am NOT happy that grandma also brought my uncle and his family. I only sent them an invitation because my grandma is staying with them right now, so the lack of an invite for them would've been really noticeable. My little cousin is a shit. He's the only precious boy and is permitted to run around and be a terrorist. He is always bugging the crap out of LM. He's the type of kid that will play nicely until he gets bored and then feels the need to push or smack or steal a toy and make LM cry. Luckily all LM has to do is run to one of our dogs. Cousin is terrified of dogs and Biddle is always more than happy to growl (or even just look) at him and he runs crying to his mommy. I do not feel bad about it. She protects him. That's her job.

I was able to escape for a while and took my brothers and SIL shooting. My SIL turned out to be kind of a badass behind the rifle. She could totally be the sniper cover on my Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team ;)

Then we got back to the house... *ugh*

Lord, give me the patience to get through this weekend. I would ask for strength, but then I would have to also request bail money...