Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gotta say

You are all a wealth of information and support...


She's feeling much better about it today. I don't know what changed overnight, but when she called me this morning, she was in much better spirits and even talking names and due dates. I guess she just needed some time for it to sink in. And also, two more positive tests :)

She couldn't hold in her news for very long and had my parents on Skype later in the afternoon. My mom cried, of course. Daddy was grinnin' like a goof. I got it all on video for her because she wanted a record of their reaction. I'm just so stinkin' happy that she's happy! They're both already in full swing planning mode. I tried to tell her not to make any huge decisions right now and that they have plenty of time to get their finances and other things in order. Alas, she has never been the person to take my advice to heart. I'm hoping that they slow down a little and enjoy it.

But being happy for her just isn't enough it seems. My stupid body. And my stupid brain. Argh! I had quite the little temp jump this morning and my boobs feel a little tender. Of COURSE phantom symptoms are haunting me right now! Dangle the dream of simultaneous pregnancies whydon'tchya!? In my rational mind I know I'm being completely ridiculous. In my not so rational mind I'm dreaming of a dual baby shower... *FacePalm*