Thursday, December 11, 2008

11 weeks!

The munchkin is the size of a lime this week! I'm not going to post the fruit pictures after all, seems kind of late to get started with that.

I've passed a completely symptom free week, and I have to say it freaks me out more than I let on. I am not by any means wishing to be miserable and sick all the time. And I know I should not worry about it and just enjoy feeling great...but... I need some kind of indication that the little one is still fine and just hanging out; something that says "Hey mom, it's me, I'm still here! No need to worry!" Most of the time I don't feel pregnant at all, just a little thicker in the midsection. I'm still checking for spotting every chance I get and I'm so so happy to report that there has been nothing, not a single little drop. That all by itself takes a huge weight off my mind.

My next appointment is on Monday, the 22nd. I called to find out if they would be doing an NT scan and they told me no. Since my blood work all came back normal, that I wouldn't need one. I know I should be happy that I don't need one, I just thought it was a routine thing they did anyway, so when they said I wasn't getting one I was really bummed. I was hoping to have a video of the little one moving around.

Here are my 11 week pics. The bloat went down a lot, but not all the way. I can suck in enough that there isn't any kind of bump, but I'm still needing to rubber band most of my pants closed. Someone asked me why I don't smile in these pictures: it's 'cause I feel stupid smiling at myself in the mirror. Plus, posing and holding the camera and trying not to look constipated takes all my concentration, nothing left for smiling ; )


Leannabanna said...

yay for 11 weeks. Only 2 weeks left till 2nd tri! Happy TCD!

Molly said...

You're just too damn cute. I'm glad things are going so well for you.

Sarah said...

You look adorable! Don't stress about the lack of symptoms - embrace them; it's a gift. =D

Anonymous said...

OMG, you are too cute! I'm so happy this pregancy is going so well. You're in my thoughts!