Monday, December 15, 2008

Hmm...I don't think so

but I could be wrong.

My parents, grandma, and DH swear that they see the belly coming in. My mom says that she started showing really early on when she was PG with me (her 1st), so I suppose it could be, but I'm skeptical. I think it's just bloat, or maybe it's just a little pudge put on from all the excellent cooking I've been enjoying lately. Maybe it would help me if I could just feel pregnant. The lack of symptoms and perceived non-baby-belly isn't doing so much for my confidence. I'm doing my darndest to stay positive and not worry, but I'm getting very anxious for my next appointment (next Monday)! I hope we get to hear the heartbeat this time around : )

Proof that I am trying to stay upbeat... I bought a couple of pairs of maternity jeans! I know, I know, you can roll your eyes and huff at me all you want, but my regular jeans were so uncomfortable. I couldn't take them digging into my stomach every time I bent over or sat down. I'm still wearing my regular work pants, they have a little more give. I've also been watching E-bay and have found a couple really good deals. I'm noticing that nice work pants are probably going to be the hardest things to acquire without spending a small fortune, so I'm starting early. Judge if you must!


Rsgrl said...

Yay for more comfortable pants! I'm headed to buy the next size bigger in my jeans because my ass won't stop growing.

Shannon said...

Im glad you bought some maternity pants, its best to be comfy AND get a good deal!

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you found some good pants!

Leannabanna said...

No judging going on here. I did the same thing this weekend, and even if they are still a bit too big, they are just so darn comfy! Wear those new jeans mamma, you deserve to be comfortable.

flojat said...

::looking forward to your next pics so I can judge for myself!::

Yea for comfy pants!