Thursday, December 4, 2008

25% done!

I'm 10 weeks today! Woot!

I've got nothing overly spectacular to write about this week, so I'll just tell you what I'm feeling.
  • The nausea has almost completely gone away, it's actually kind of nerve racking. I didn't throw up a single time. I'm hoping that I'm one of the lucky ones and it doesn't come to bite me in the butt later on.
  • My boobs only hurt if they get squished, the rest of the day they're totally fine (except for the occasional Lightning flash. They still haven't gotten any bigger : (
  • I'm exhausted all of the time. Doesn't matter how much sleep I get or if I nap during the day. I'm always tired.
  • I'm starting to get cravings. I'll think of something that sounds good and then I run out and get it. I haven't had one of those "I must have it now or someone will die" cravings, but I think it's funny that hotdogs will pop into my head on the way home from work and the next thing I know, I'm at Walmart buying hotdogs.
  • My abs feel like I've done a thousand crunches. They're so tight! The other night I couldn't stand all the way up because the pulling feeling was just too much. Go stretchy ute!
  • I've gotten some mild heartburn (thanks to said hotdogs) so I've taken to sleeping propped up on big pillows. That also helped when I was feeling nauseated, and it's much easier to get up in the morning if I'm already half way there!
  • Every little thing wakes me up at night. This is probably a major contributor to my exhaustion. I have to wear ear plugs now because I kept waking up to the slightest noise.
  • I'm getting more weepy. Every time I hear a remotely sad or sweet story, I tear up.
  • I get irritated a lot easier than before. My dogs drive me completely crazy now! They don't behave well enough for my taste. I'm trying really hard not to direct that at DH, but I still have my moments.
  • The constipation stage has started. My longest stretch so far is three and a half days. I don't like it : (
I guess that's it. Or, that's all I can think of right now... baby has stolen my brain and I easily forget things. I was going to start posting the fruit things that show how big baby is, but this weeks fruit is a prune. I don't like prunes, so I won't be doing this after all. According to my book, baby is 2.5 inches long from crown to rump. DH kind of freaked when I told him that last night. He was still thinking the babe is the size of a peanut! Wasn't that like two weeks ago? LOL

Belly pics I took this morning. I think I forgot to clean off the lens, so they came out kind of blurry. The bloat isn't so bad this week (I can actually button my pants today!) and if I press down, I *think* I can feel my ute. It's interesting.


Ro said...

Looking cute, as always!

I'm glad the m/s is gone! Congrats on being 25% done!

Lindsay said...

Try activa for the constipation. The first few days you'll be kind og gassy but after that it should really help. Just eat one a day and you should be regular. Oh and make sure your drinking lots of water. That helps too.

Shannon said...

10 weeks? Wow! You look great!

Leannabanna said...

yay for ticker change day! Double digits!!!!

Shell said...

You look so great! I hope the constipation goes away soon :)

Sarah said...

Look at your adorable bump!

Don't worry about the lack of symptoms - totally normal. As my doctor told me "don't go looking for trouble". =D

Try 1 Tyelnol PM a few nights a week to help you sleep. Perfectly safe!

Carly said...

congrats!!! what a great milestone :)

Elisa said...

YAY MamaLovf! :)

Audrey said...

OMG you are so adorable. I lovf you!!!