Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6 Weeks and Weekend Trip Drama

I hate that absolute elation can turn to panic and worry at the snap of a finger.

I was riding such a high after the stupid pee test at the doctor's office. I felt good, everything was supposedly going good, and then on Thursday night I found pink tinged CM on my liner. I said a little prayer and changed it, then went back a couple hours later and found some more. I lost it; I prayed, I begged, I bargained. And I cried. A lot. I couldn't sleep at all and had to get up early Friday morning to get us ready for our Cali trip.


I was terrified to go to the bathroom the entire weekend, and the effing spotting lasted the whole time, but it was no longer pink by Friday night. I have been spot free for the last 29 hours and praying that it won't come back again. Since the pinkish stuff technically only lasted for about 6 hours and the rest was brown, I'm on the fence about calling for an earlier appointment.

The trip itself was just ok. We went out for a baby shower for a couple of our best friends. It should have been a totally happy occasion and it totally should have been worth driving seven hours... it was not. There were waaaaay too many people packed into that little house and it was so hot and uncomfortable with no where to sit. The food was not good and actually ended up making us sick, the games weren't fun (way too much Pinterest inspiration without the execution), and they didn't open the presents while everyone was there. That is my favorite part about baby showers! I am one of those that lovfs to ooh and aah over sweet tiny baby clothes! The worst part of the whole thing was that we were only there for about three hours. Three. All because of my honey's soon-to-be-former friend.

MyLovf has been friends with this guy for forever, but a couple months back he posted on my Facebook wall that he had been having an affair with another of our married friends who was my Matron of Honor!!! for the past three years. Complete with photographic evidence! Now, why he thought that I was the appropriate person to confess this to is completely beyond me. I never really considered him to be one of MY close friends, but he should know me well enough by now to know that I would not react well to the news. When he got there, instead of my usual bear hug greeting, he wouldn't even look me in the eye (which was fine with me, I couldn't stand to look at him either). MyLovf had to feel the tension radiating off of me because he was ready to go soon after he arrived. What sucks even worse is that I don't think anyone at the party knew about what happened because they all carried on as usual, so it would make me a total bitch to bring it up. I know our hosts were really confused as to why we left so quickly after having come so far. I doubt they would ask me, but I don't want to be the one to tell them because they are super close to him.

We got a hotel nearby for the night, so we made arrangements to come back in the morning to spend a little more time and maybe see some presents! They fed us Jack In The Box breakfast *drool*, but the only present I got to see opened was the one I brought... Still kinda fun. I did win best gift bag and favorite handmade item ;) LOL

Some highlights from the trip were that my Little Man was able to visit with his grandparents who hadn't seen him in months and I got to hold my sweet little niece for a few hours before we drove out for the party.

All in all, the whole weekend gets an "eh" from me. I almost wish we hadn't gone, it feels like such a waste of money.


Kassie said...

OMG friend ! How scary! Stick lil baby stick! I have my fingers crossed for you that it was nothing mahor and I am keeping you in my prayers.