Friday, June 7, 2013

Updates and Squee!

It's all good with my BF! She went in to see her doc yesterday and was able to see the little heartbeat. Blood work showed that her progesterone level was low, so she has an Rx for that now. Hopefully that's the last of the drama with this little one!

Nicole is still not done in court, but they're taking a break for the weekend. Still praying for good news next week!

And here's my SQUEEEEEE!!!

This is my future niece/nephew! Isn't s/he awesome!?

My sister had her appointment today and everything is looking really good. She said that s/he was wiggling all around and they had a lot of fun listening to the heartbeat.

*Le sigh* 

I can't wait to join her. I'm debating with myself on whether I should test tomorrow (or Sunday) since MyLovf is going to be home, or if I should wait till Tuesday which would be 16DPO and one day past when AF is due.