Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BFP Info

Hey TTGP ladies! This one's for you:

What we did: I hate to say it, but we didn't do anything special. We set out at the beginning of the cycle to try EOD, but MyLovf's work schedule can get a little crazy and he comes home super tired sometimes. Timing was obviously still really good: O-3, O, and O+1. I have been taking a PNV every night since my IUD came out and since CM last cycle was off, I upped my water intake. That's pretty much it.

Symptoms: Fatigue at 9DPO. Light cramping at 12DPO. Tender breasts at 13DPO. I'm still experiencing all these things, especially fatigue. So tired. Temps also stayed above the cover line at 13DPO where they usually start to dip for AF (which was due yesterday).

How I told DH: I wrote a whole other post about what happened on Saturday. You'll have to scroll down a little if you want to read about that.

Other stuff: As I said in my Saturday post; I'm scared. Four days of positive tests aren't helping (even though they probably should). I'm thankful that today's test is much darker compared to the other four, but I can't seem to shake that ugly nervous feeling

This is probably my one regret about the whole thing. I miss the naivete that comes with never having experienced a miscarriage. I feel robbed of the initial excitement that comes with finding out you're newly pregnant. Luckily, MyLovf is excited enough for both of us which does help my mood a lot. The booger head is already telling people!

EDD:  February 16, 2014 (nine days before MyLovf's birthday)

So that's it. Two months and two cycles. I'm still praying like mad that this is a take home baby and that I can allow myself to relax and enjoy this. I am also praying that this go around is as easy as my first.


Kassie said...

I am so stinking happy for you!