Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why!? Why now!?

This should have been a super awesome week full of happy, but alas, the last few days have not been so fun.

MyLovf found out on Tuesday that the company he's been happily working for for the last two years has been sold. Somehow, this seems to be the norm for us. Shortly after we got Little Man's BFP the company we both worked for was sold to a competitor. I ended up getting laid off and MyLovf stuck around for a while, but they treated him so horribly that he left. We were both there for 10+ years. Sucks so bad.

The most upsetting thing for me is that for the first time in f.o.r.e.v.e.r he really likes his job! He turned into a completely different person when he started working there (in a good way). It is weighing heavily on him, too. It seems to be all he can think about; it's certainly all he talks about. I'm trying hard to keep him positive because they really just might keep him. He's so good at what he does! I don't know if I'm helping him at all though. It makes me so sad.

The take over is supposed to happen quickly, so we should know one way or the other by mid August at the latest. He's already putting feelers out there just in case.

BabyLovf: My symptoms have all but disappeared (with the exception of the bloat). One side of my brain is going "Woohoo, another easy pregnancy!" and the other is going "Please be sticky, please be sticky, please be sticky." I also need to find myself a new ob/gyn. The one I used for LM is too far away now and plus, I hate that guy. It's slim pickins around here, but we're about half an hour away from a bigger populace that will probably have better candidates. Crossing my fingers for a good one this time around!

Little Man: he is dressing himself 100% now. Took long enough! LOL