Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Caved

So much for waiting till Tuesday to test!

I woke up feeling... funny, and then my temp was a little higher this morning when I was expecting it to go down for AF. With my history of miscarriage I was indecisive about testing early, but MyLovf is off work this weekend, there was no one else in the house, and waiting for test day would've meant testing alone; PLUS the very compelling dream that my friend in IL had about getting a text from me with a pic of the positive test. She hasn't been wrong yet!

That's just Fate talking to me right there, isn't it? How do you deny Fate?

I let MyLovf know that I was getting ready to test and then went to the bathroom. I peed in the cup and put the little drops in, watched the liquid go across the window, and!... nothing. Stark white. Bummer. Oh well. I walked out of the bathroom, gave MyLovf a sad little shake of the head and then headed into the bedroom. I threw the test and everything in the trash can and went about straightening things up. A minute or two later, I felt the need to dig that cheapo Walmart test out of the trash to look at it again and I'll be damned if there wasn't something there!

A squinter, if you will.

Taken with phone camera with absolutely zero editing.

Now before you drag out the "any line you see after 10 minutes is crap" rule, you should know that this all happened within 5 minutes, which is well within the testing limits. And even though it's really faint, there is a line there.

I called MyLovf back into the room to look at it and he saw the same. I took a picture of it and sent it to J in IL, and she saw it. I was skeptical. MyLovf was skeptical. It really is faint. We went to the $Tree and I bought a couple more tests (the ones that gave me LM's BFP). I took one this afternoon after letting my urine concentrate for a few hours, and again, a really faint positive.

 Taken with point and shoot with absolutely zero editing

So I guess I'm KTFU!

But I'm scared.

Two miscarriages makes me scared. I am seriously kicking myself in the ass for testing early because OMG what if that test turns negative before AF is due on Monday? *please God, don't let that happen* I'm scared to let myself get excited. I don't think I'm even going to announce it on the boards until Tuesday, so if you're from TB and reading this, I would appreciate it if you kept it on the DL and said a little prayer for a sticky baby.

I have two more tests in my drawer and will definitely be using them tomorrow and Monday, but again, won't say anything about it until Tuesday.

In the mean time, I will be trying my hardest not to worry.

*NOTE - I am 13DPO today*


Kassie said...

I see it with no squints!