Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Three Unrelated Things

First & Second (T&P requested)

My friend Nicole is in court this week fighting for custody of her daughter from a really horrible guy. This battle has been going on for over four years and this could finally be it.

My BFF that is now about 6 weeks pregnant is spotting red. She's scared and has an appointment tomorrow with her GP. I hate that we're so far apart. She'll have to take her two little boys along, but her H won't be able to be there.

If you would be willing to send out good thoughts or prayers for them, I would really appreciate it.


Despite DH induced sleep deprivation, I actually paid attention to my temperature before going back to sleep this morning. I'm glad I did, or today would've been the third day in a row of 98.6. I guess I didn't read the instructions on the new thermometer closely enough because this baby doesn't have a memory! Ugh. I thought those temps were kind of high for me; it's the default temp. I'm just happy I realized it after O had been confirmed and not before. I would've been so mad!


Kassie said...

Hoping all is well with your pregnant friend and strength for your friend who is dealing with court.