Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7 Weeks: Still My First Milestone

I am 7 weeks along as of Sunday.

Five years later, it's still my first mental milestone. I miscarried Sweet Pea at 7 weeks, so I was pretty apprehensive the few days leading up to it. I am happy to report that ticker change day came and went with nothing concerning happening and no further spotting issues! Woot!

I was feeling pretty yucky last weekend and didn't feel like taking a "belly" picture, but I did take one for 7 weeks. I'm still a little superstitious though, so I'm going to hold off posting any of them until after we see the heartbeat. My first appointment is on Friday and I'll be seeing a midwife! I'm not really sure what to expect or if it will be different from an MD appt, but I'm excited. I was really hoping to be able to use a midwife this time around. The only sucky thing is that my honey couldn't get the time off to come with me. I'm toying with the idea of Skyping him in so he won't miss anything.

The bloat has been totally out of control the last day or two. I was forced to undo the button on my shorts yesterday! Hurray for loose and flowy tops! Beyond that and the tiredness, my symptoms have calmed down again. It was about this time with my first pregnancy that I started getting the all day nausea, so I guess we'll see if there's a difference.

In other news, my baby brother is out of training! He's leaving in two weeks for JAPAN, but I'm so thankful for the time we get with him before he goes. He'll be there for two.flipping.years. I'm excited for him to be able to go there, but sad that he'll be so very far away. I'm hoping that he'll be able to come visit periodically and we won't be completely without him for the entire two years. It's weird to think that Little Man will be six years old when he comes back and that BL#2 won't even have met him yet.

The following is another sister related vent, so you can tear off now if you want. You won't be missing anything...

She has been irritating me the crap out of me the last couple of weeks with her FB posts. All she ever does is complain! The other day she actually requested thoughts and prayers because she was... tired... and she doesn't "know if she can continue this way for much longer." It did make me chuckle when no one answered or even acknowledged the post. There was another one in which she states that she is convinced that the pregnancy is causing her to get carpal tunnel in her left wrist. Seriously? No way in the world it could've been caused by the hours upon hours spent playing her little computer game. Oh no. Never that. She also started posting pictures of her baby belly at 8 weeks. What's weird is that there is actually a belly there. Now, whether it's legitimately the baby, bloat, the four hamburgers she ate for lunch, or just her pushing out her stomach is, as of yet, unclear.

I wonder if I'm being over-sensitive though. Maybe having experienced losses and watching some good friends go through infertility disappointments for years has made me hyper aware of these kinds of annoyances. Considering that this is an oops pregnancy, I have little patience for her complaints about totally normal and mundane things. It makes me wonder if us being pregnant together will really be as fun as I originally thought it would be. Whenever she calls, it's usually to talk about something going on with her and she never so much as asks me how I'm doing. In one phone call, I mentioned that I was scared because I had been spotting for a couple of days and she completely glossed over it and changed the subject back to her. Ever self involved.

My parents, brother, and grandma are all on their way visit them right now. She invited my mom and grandma to her appointment tomorrow where she's convinced they'll be finding out the sex of the baby. She's 13 weeks. No one will listen when I say it's too early and that the u/s tech probably won't even be able to venture a guess, but wtf do I know? ::eyeroll::


If you made it this far, your reward is my most missed indulgence:

Yes, it's moscato. Yes, I lovf it. No, I don't care if you don't think it's "real" wine.