Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Job Update

Back in the beginning of June we found out that the company MyLovf works for was sold and we didn't have any idea what would happen in terms of his employment/pay/insurance/everything.

We know now!

They're obviously not a stupid bunch because the new owners decided to keep him on in the same capacity.


There are actually a few "buts":

  • They have reduced his base salary by about 25% and also reduced his bonus incentives. How does this keep happening to him!? It really boils my blood because he had been told in confidence by people leaving with the old owner that he is crazy underpaid for the position he holds. Now the new people come in and lower it even more!? WTF!?
  • Most of the people he enjoyed working with left.
  • The atmosphere is much changed and he is back under the level of stress that he left behind at his previous, really awful job.
  • The cost of insurance is going up. A lot. We're getting a private policy, but I don't know what that means for my healthcare. I'm thinking my best option is Medicaid; I'm looking into that now. Thankfully, the practice I've been going to accepts the plans.
The one positive thing about it is they committed to keeping his pay the same through August. He's not planning to stay past that and has been talking to his connections about another job. I'm crossing my fingers that he finds something closer to home. The hour-each-way commute he has now is torture. More so on him than me, obviously, but I worry about him spending so much time behind the wheel and would really lovf a little more time with him before and after work.

If you all could spare some prayers that he find another job he likes, I will lovf you forever.